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New Academy Courses

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New Academy Courses

New Academy Courses
Strengthen Your City And Units!


New Courses are now available at the Academy to give you even more opportunities to upgrade your City and Units.

In total, Courses for 17 Units have been added, including ones for Elysian Units. You can now apply Scrolls of Wisdom to increase both the Movement Speed and Training Speed of the Elysian Units, while the other Units can only have their Movement Speed increased.

Two Courses have also been added to help you build faster:

- Construction Speed to boost Buildings in your City
- Elysian Construction Speed to boost Buildings in your Elysian City

Head to the Academy to see all the new additions, and make the most of them by applying your Scrolls of Wisdom wisely!

Basileus Leonidas 

28 окт. 2021, 09:2528.10.21