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New Event: Overlord Tournament

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New Event: Overlord Tournament

New Event: Overlord Tournament

Wage War Against Hellas’s Latest Threat!


Hellas is facing a new enemy, the likes of which we've not seen yet: Overlords! To rally as many as we can to fight these foes, we are introducing the Overlord Tournament.

Send up to 4 Guardians to attack Overlords. The more damage you inflict, the more Tournament Points you’ll earn.

There are incredible Rewards up for grabs, including Global Ranking Rewards, League Ranking Rewards, and Milestone Rewards. Guardians won't earn XP in battle, but can earn Summoning Bonds.

There are 4 Overlords, with our sources providing information on the whereabouts of a new one every 24 hours. When the new information comes in, you’ll need to embark on a new Overlord Encounter to engage them.

When making your Team, you will need to select one Guardian as the Leader, whose Critical Strike Chance will become that of the entire Team. Each Overlord is weak against a certain Guardian Type or Affinity, so build your Team according to their weakness to maximize the damage you inflict!

More information is available in the Guide and in the Overlords tab in the Guardian Help window.

Ready your Guardians, plan your strategy, and climb high in the Tournament Rankings!

Basileus Leonidas

25 окт. 2021, 08:0025.10.21
26 окт. 2021, 08:2026.10.21
26 окт. 2021, 11:13(отредактировано)

Muy bonitos y muy poderosos. 

Me surgen varias preguntas:

- envío 4 guardianes que utilizan 100 de energía para 1 solo golpe, donde veo la energía que le quito al Overlord ?

- es el mismo Overlord para TODOS los jugadores del servidor o cada coalicion tiene su Overlord ? 

- según entiendo si conseguimos matar al Overlord hay premio especial, quien se gana ese premio el que consigue matarlo (dudo que alguien lo pueda matar) o toda la coalición o toda sparta ? 

Very nice and very powerful. 

I have several questions:

- I send 4 guardians that use 100 energy for 1 hit, where do I see the energy I take from the Overlord ?

- Is it the same Overlord for ALL players on the server or each coalition has its own Overlord? 

- As I understand if we manage to kill the Overlord there is a special prize, who wins that prize the one who manages to kill him (I doubt that anyone can kill him) or all the coalition or all sparta?

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26 окт. 2021, 13:1726.10.21

Hello Alina, Can you tell me how often this tournament will be held?

Every month, every week, every two weeks, ...


26 окт. 2021, 20:0626.10.21
26 окт. 2021, 20:09(отредактировано)

Hoy con 24 horas de retraso salieron los informes del daño infringido al "caudillo" y me doy cuenta de que la ayuda que da el juego no sirve para nada:

Utilizando los guardianes que aconseja el juego y la ayuda ( agua gana a fuego, fuego gana a ....) el daño que infringes al caudillo, y por lo tanto los puntos ganados, son menores que utilizando los guardianes contra los que el caudillo es más devil si estos guardianes tienen más rango. Osea si el caudillo es fuego y devil contra un guardian Conquistador no busques un Guardian agua rango X sino envíale un conquistador rango 7 al máximo sea agua o sea fuego. 

Piensa Plarium mejorar la ayuda que presta ? 

Piensa Plarium resarcir a los jugadores por este bug ?