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New: Titan Allegiance Begins!

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New: Titan Allegiance Begins!

New: Titan Allegiance Begins!
Get An Amazing Reward Every Day


Titan Allegiance - a new, time-limited loyalty program - is underway! This program allows players at Level 40 or above to claim a new Reward every day for 120 days, just for visiting the game.

If, on any day of the program, you do not log in to the game, the Reward for the day you missed will be locked. You can unlock all your locked Rewards with Loyalty Keys - special Items available through Tournaments, Offers, Battle Pass, and Free Gifts.

After 120 days, no new Rewards will be available, but you will have 20 more days to unlock Rewards from any previous days on which you did not visit the game.

After those extra 20 days, Titan Allegiance will end and all unclaimed Rewards will disappear forever. Note that players who reach Level 40 while Titan Allegiance is open will not have access to the program.

Check out Titan Allegiance now by looking at its tab next to “Spartan Allegiance”, and see all the great Rewards that await you in the coming days!

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