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New: Elite Battle Pass

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New: Elite Battle Pass

New: Elite Battle Pass
Get Even More Great Rewards And Bonuses!


A new Battle Pass is now available - the Elite Battle Pass.

Get this pass to receive all the benefits of the Premium Battle Pass, plus two extra Bonuses:

1. Battle Loss Insurance - gives you a fund of Drachmas that you can use to revive Units lost in PvP battles.

2. Priority Resource - allows you to select a Resource to prioritize during Raids.

Please note, the Elite Battle Pass doubles in price if you acquire it after getting the Premium Battle Pass, so be sure to get it first. It is available once per Battle Pass Season and is valid until the end of the Season. The Battle Loss Insurance and Priority Resource Bonuses it grants will be available to you immediately.

Visit the Battle Pass window or the Bank to get the Elite Battle Pass, and make the most of the Rewards and Bonuses on offer!

Basileus Leonidas

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