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Update 06.07.2018 New Item — Shadow Army

Update 06.07.2018 New Item — Shadow Army

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6 июль 2018, 12:1506.07.18

Update 06.07.2018 New Item — Shadow Army

New Item — Shadow Army

Keep Your Total Unit Number A Secret


Deceive enemy spies into thinking that your army is smaller than it actually is with the new Shadow Army Item.

The Shadow Army Item makes your army appear to be only half its actual size on enemy Spying Reports. This is in contrast to the Ghost Army Item introduced earlier, which makes your army appear twice as large as it actually is.

Your rivals won’t have any way of knowing that you have activated this Item. Once activated, the Shadow Army Item will be in effect for 8 hours.

You can get Shadow Army and Ghost Army Items at the Market by going to the Misc. section and then clicking on the “Special” tab.

Please note that you cannot apply this Item if you have a similar Item active. This means that if you have a Ghost Army Item currently active, you will not be able to apply a Shadow Army Item until the former has expired.

War requires cunning and skill. Trick your enemies into attacking you and then destroy them with the new Shadow Army Item.

Basileus Leonidas

20 март 2023, 07:5820.03.23

Just had a glance at that and it truly is one of the phenomenal features in a game. Just imagine your enemy thinking of you as a smaller unit and as soon as they come in contact, boom they'll be doomed to see the reality. Amazing.


Marsh Ray


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