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where is Alyona?

where is Alyona?

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11 фев. 2018, 13:0011.02.18
11 фев. 2018, 13:03(отредактировано)

Tonaya said:

Dimitri Molchanov said:

No, Alyona is a she. And I suppose getting banned does leave some bad feelings, though the obvious solution is to behave and not give Administration a reason to ban you 

i was banned 4 times,with no real reason.i always tell the truth,that was the main reason for my ban's.

my post's was deleted,my questions was not answered,all my suggestions was declined.i'v ask simple question,knowing the answer,but she dodge my question,i ask again,she dodge again,i ask one more time,she ban me 

i dont have bad feelings for Alyona,for me this is a game,for you its a job.i am costumer,3+ years loyal,every day, costumer,if someone is disrespected,its me.plarium dont listen to our suggestions,you are changing game as you want,no matter if we like that or not.

why i cant send msg to Basileus anymore?

the biggest insult for me is that i'm not VIP player,and you said VIP is not related with how much money we spend in game,then how much is player active in game.......


that is not good enough for VIP?

ok,then i am NIP(not important player)


Believe me that if you have been banned, it's for a good reason and you probably have to break one or more rule(s).

Plarium gives the possibility to the players to make suggestions. Some are accepted and take time. But some are also refused and the reasons for this refusal are exposed. It's like the PP, it's not because you go there that you will win.   

About VIP status, an active player on the forum as you, should have seen this topic come back several times. Many players who deserve to be VIP are not because in addition to other criteria, it's necessary a bit of luck and not everyone can be selected, otherwise this program would not be called "VIP".