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time to hang my moderator boots up

time to hang my moderator boots up

Moderators for Sparta: War of Empires
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28 дек. 2021, 08:1328.12.21

time to hang my moderator boots up

well the time has come for me to wave good bye

after over 6 years I have formally resigned as a moderator

it has been a pleasure getting to know you all (yes even you Tonaya 😂) and I hope I have provided you all with a balanced service

I play on the FB migration server 1 (no I am not quitting the game) so if you want to add me as a friend please feel free to do so 


so long and thanks for all the giggles

morteeee aka Rachael M-L 

28 дек. 2021, 10:1328.12.21

A sido un placer compartir experiencia, a pesar de mortificarte con mi español creo que aprendimos.

Saludos compañera.

It has been a pleasure to share the experience, even though you were mortified with my Spanish I think we learned.

Greetings partner.

28 дек. 2021, 13:1928.12.21

hi rachael, we may not agree always but you always tried to help. that's more than what comas/administrators (that i still belive they are bots because if not i can not understand)

to be honest, i dont know how you lasted so long seeing all the injustices that are done here.

good luck in game/life

28 дек. 2021, 13:4528.12.21

So ... the only moderator that actually tries to help, and actually forwards information to the powers that be, has left us.

Now what?  We deal with the fools like the community manager, and her alt accounts we call player mods?

Forums are truly dead now.

30 дек. 2021, 16:2630.12.21

Due to the current situation I had not had time to see that you had resigned from your position as a mod, a shame because you were the only mod that really did a good job, in fact I think you are so different that you did not fit in that group, I had the Opportunity to speak with you privately, he seemed to me a measured, honest and respectful person, values that other mods lack, which in my opinion are more interested in entering the plarium payroll $$

We have lost the best mod, but I think you have gained peace of mind, and that is very important, greetings and happy 2022 

forgive my lvl of english

19 янв. 2022, 20:1419.01.22

thanks all <3 

28 янв. 2022, 20:0228.01.22
17 фев. 2022, 13:14(отредактировано)

 Hello Obsidian.I'm a FB Sparta player as Rachael is. I know her well, as she was my teammate. She is really a very experienced player and no one wants to mess with her 😀 I do hope that one day she will return. I assure you that the Mods are players and we are not Plarium's employees or Manager's alts.2 of us are mods to  FB Sparta Community as well, and we do help the players even if they don't like always our replies.                                                                                                         Please have a look at the Sparta  FB community page when you have time https://www.facebook.com/groups/465443953557137                                                             maybe you wanna see my city as well 🙂