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Add a "Chronos' Favour" (or equivalent) for Personal Events.

Add a "Chronos' Favour" (or equivalent) for Personal Events.

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17 янв. 2019, 13:2217.01.19

Add a "Chronos' Favour" (or equivalent) for Personal Events.

The addition of a new (or equivalent) item to allow players to 'skip' a Personal Event would be a welcome addition.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, occasionally it is impossible to complete a Personal Event eg when you are given the 'Raid 3 cities' event, but have no raids remaining and will not receive additional raids within the 4-hour completion window. For players who use all their raids, this happens more often than you would think. Secondly, it would allow Archons who wish to bypass a particular Personal Event to do so, eg Destroy Units (when no PvP on) or attack a Level xx Position (when they are planning how to maximise their Bank).

I feel that this would benefit both players and Plarium. From the players point of view, it would enable them to occasionally skip Personal Events that they dislike or do not suit their method of play. Additionally, it may encourage greater participation in the game if players do not become 'blocked' by an unsuitable (or impossible) Daily Event and decide to stop playing until it has passed. The other benefit to Plarium is obviously that there will always be people who will spend drachmas on any feature going, so will therefore give them more drachmas spent.
17 янв. 2019, 13:3217.01.19
17 янв. 2019, 13:32(отредактировано)

100% agree

we all have been sometime in that kind of situation, it would be a gain for everyone and will improve the mechanics of the game.

and if it is free, even better :p
20 янв. 2019, 06:0220.01.19
21 янв. 2019, 15:54(отредактировано)

I like this suggestion. 

25 янв. 2019, 09:5125.01.19


I will forward this suggestion to devs.

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