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Special offers

Special offers

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14 янв. 2019, 13:3614.01.19

Special offers

Has been one of my gripes for a long time...

Plarium is a marketing company yet their "sales" algorithms are so primitive it is ridiculous.

If you are a "coiner" they track your purchases and adjust future offers to "trick" you into spending more money.

One of the absurd features is the price ratchet... Once you spend more on one package than previous ones all future offers are at the "new" elevated price.  You need to not buy anything for a week or two before they realize that the "new" pricing isn't working and bring back the old price.

For example the new feature of time limited city schemas.  The top one costs $19.95 in US.  If purchased all future offers for anything now costs $19.95 even what you bought yesterday for $9.95.

At the grocery store you buy hamburger for $4.99/Lb.  One day you have guests and buy ribeye steaks for $12.99/Lb... the next day hamburger is priced at $12.99/Lb.  Obviously they think you're too dumb to realize that hamburger isn't the same as ribeye. That's Plarium marketing for you!
17 янв. 2019, 13:4317.01.19

Hello, Archon!

I haven't seen where is your suggestion here, but I will reply to this feedback.

Special Offers have their own algorithm of work and it's not a part of the game we can forward the suggestions to.

You can receive a cheap or an expensive Special Offer. it is chosen by that algorithm. If you don’t like your current Offers or find them expensive, you can wait for better ones, and they will appear sooner or later. 

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