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Review of all items

Review of all items

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13 янв. 2019, 13:5113.01.19

Review of all items

I would suggest a Plarium review of all items currently offered in the game and their relative usefulness, availability, cost etc. Followed by some gradual adjustments. 

There are big cost inconsistencies, many useless items, many useful items that are unavailable or so rare they are de-facto non-existent...

Of course this requires a careful and thorough review not to imbalance the game but I think most players would appreciate this more than any "new features" Plarium developers are working on.

Here are a few of my biggest offenders... Please feel free add more to the list.

Useless items:  ghost armies, pool of fate, guardian recovery boosts, skill stones grade I & II, blacksmith

Items that are basically unavailable and should be available even if rare: Skill stones above grade III

Items that are redundant: Unit build boost = regular boosts (One 50% speed for 8 hours = 4 hour boost) Pricing doesn't make sense

Items that should change with player level:  Silver vs Gold Caduceus... at a certain level players stop using the silver Caduceus yet they continue to accumulate and gold caduceus are rarely available.  Allow players to upgrade silver to gold (10 for 1) or break them like General equipment?

Totally out of wack: breaking times versus pieces produced for General items.  The class I and II uncommon, rare, and legendary items are "punishments" not rewards they take much too long to break and produce very few pieces.  I discard all class I and II coffers because content is not worth breaking.  Breaking time should be directly related to number of pieces produced to make better items worth breaking.

Things that too difficult to attain: GPs for low level players in small coalitions... You need a lot of these to sign all the agreements for high level units.  You can only win them in tournaments so if you're not in a big coalition it's going to take forever.  If you're a low level player most big coalitions don't want you = vicious circle.

Multi purchase pricing discount?: 1 Relic = 1,000 Drach, 5 relics =5,000 Drach 10 relics = 10,000 Drach you forgot the buttons for 2 relics = 2,000 Drach, 3 relics = 3,000 Drach etc. LOL

13 янв. 2019, 14:4813.01.19

Since some of your suggestions mean that the game would be more balanced and more enjoyable for new players, they will definitely be thrown in the trashcan. Plarium does not care about such things. Instead, they're probably working on new items right now, that will of course only be available for a lot of money ... as always.

But I like some of your ideas.

13 янв. 2019, 21:3313.01.19

Gold Caduceus cost is 5000 and Silver Caduceus cost 2500, exchange 2 silver for one Gold.

15 янв. 2019, 10:2015.01.19

i am sorry to disagree as some of the items you say that are useless, they can be of use to other players, in my case i have used often pool of fate and ghost army, also guardian recovery boosts, and they were/are of use to me. as there is a big range of players, not everyone value items the same way, i believe that's the reason why its difficult to take away items, but i noticed that items that are not of much use they stop appearing as often, so maybe they check it. its impossible to please everyone 

gps i agree they dont come as often as before, small players need them 

i also suffer the general chests problem lol breaking pieces for general its a torture now with the coalition chests ... before i used to say thanks for the chest, now i "jokingly" complain in coa chat :p but i read alina saying that she was bringing the problem to devs, lately i notice that things we say in forum are changing for good, so i trust there will be a solution

my main problem are boosts and chronos, 45 days to upgrade a level of xp or 45 days to upgrade a building uff chronos and the 30th help per day (mission impossible some days lol everyone upgraded what they could or buildings take too many days now lol) i am sure this matter would be revisited by plarium soon too :)

16 янв. 2019, 05:5016.01.19

Regarding the ghost army I could "use it" too but it has practically no effect:  The only reason to use it would be to deter attacks on your city/emporium/siege. The only players that would be deterred are players who scout (Many don't) and players for whom double the units would change the decision to raid/not raid (Only a very narrow range of players would be affected). 

The chances that this scenario occurs are minimal because player level differentials are huge in this game.  Let's say you defend your city with 3 mill def and the multiplier makes it look like 6 mill.  Only a player with around 10-20 mill offense might change his decision based on the scouting report.  Players with more than 20 mill would raid you anyway and players with less than 10 mill will probably not raid you even if you only showed 3 mill def. Even if you use the item I doubt it ever has deterred a raid... it's difficult to tell but I rarely have seen a successful scouting report followed by no raid. I might find it useful if it multiplied the army by 10 or more where it might affect a much larger range of player's decision to raid. 

To me it's a "bluff" but with such a measly effect that it is more likely to harm the user (giving you a false sense of security and an incentive to leave too many units out) than to protect you from raids.

16 янв. 2019, 06:0116.01.19
16 янв. 2019, 06:26(отредактировано)

Please explain to me how and when you use the Guardian recovery boosts and where you get them?  I have never received one as a reward despite placing in top 50 in every Guardian event.  I only see a few for sale as part of expensive Emerald packages (that I never buy) and then so few that you still don't have enough to recover a rank 5 or 6 Guardian.

Considering that the Guardians recovery can be purchased for 50 emeralds/day (300 emeralds for a rank 6 and 250 for a rank 5) these items can be replaced with emeralds so why make them these rare and exclusive items only available through special offers?  They are no special function.  The effect of the 1 hour boost is worth only 2 emeralds!

Any useful Guardian (Rank 5 & 6) has a recovery time of 5-6 days... so you need between 120 and 144 1-hour boosts to make them recover in full.  OK so you apply your three 1-hour boosts and wow! you're down to 141 hours to recover...

I don't know if you are just a defender of anything Plarium or a contrarian.  Please justify your position if you are going to contradict my posts.  Thank you.
16 янв. 2019, 10:5816.01.19
16 янв. 2019, 13:03(отредактировано)

to be sincere i dont know where i got the recovery ones, probably when i purchased in a package or if i dont recall wrong in the chronnos event for free 

about when i used them as an active player my guardians die often so if i need them on urgency i can recover them, and i dont have to wait hours, days to use them- 

about the other items, i use them when i find appropriate for my coa needs :)

wow do i have to be a defender or a contraian? can not i be a very active player of this game for over 4 years that speaks her mind and appreciates when things are well done as when we got the relics and if something is not right also gives her opinion? does all have to be black or white?  And why do i have to justify my position to you? 

lets be clear, i have the right to give my opinion if this opinion is not the same as yours does not mean you are right and i am wwrong, it means we have diferent opinions, please respect mine, the same i respect yours. this is a forum, a forum is to debate opinions, dont you agree wioth me on that? 

you ask why i say that, and i answer back, please respect others opinions.

18 янв. 2019, 14:0618.01.19

Hello Hija,

I am sorry I offended you but you are making my point... the Guardian recovery boosts are useless because they are not given out or sold in quantities sufficient to actually accelerate recovery of the Guardians.  Even mediocre Guardians take 4 days (good ones take 5 or 6 days) to recover and you only get 4 days worth of recovery boosts even with the super expensive $49.50 emerald package.  So unless you spend several hundred dollars on Emerald packages you are never going to have enough boosts to recover even one good Guardian.  On the other hand using Emeralds to recover Guardians is relatively cheap. So what is it you use the boosts for? Your comment that "you don't remember where you got them" tells me you probably have never used one.  I am a coiner and I never even have had one of these boosts to use.  The emerald packages that contain them are really lousy deals so I will never spend money on them.

If Plarium wanted to make them even marginally relevant Instead of 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hour and 1 day boosts they should be instant recovery boosts for each rank of guardian and they should be given out as tournament rewards not only in expensive packages. 

I was surprised you would defend such a obviously useless feature.

18 янв. 2019, 15:0318.01.19

first, i am responsible of what i write, not what you understand.

when i said i don't remember where, means exactly that.... that i don't remember. if you want to read something else, it's your choice.

Second, you said they were useless, i beg to differ and i said i used them and also i said that sometimes value for the items  is relative, not everyone thinks or acts the same, that should not surprise you. i am sure you don't do the same things as others in your coa. well this is the same.

Also the good thing is that this days obsolete items can be converted in resources.

this is a forum, where people give opinions. i understand if you don't agree with mine, if everyone would have the same opinions it will be boring . but also i think the forum as a place to find and give solutions, a common place where we explain the problem and we all give plarium options to improve. obviously we will not agree on everything with plarium.... but rome was not done in a day and lately i see some of the stuff we mention in forum to get back done... slow, but some happen.. we have to give credit for the good and abd, not only the bad. 

18 янв. 2019, 15:0918.01.19
18 янв. 2019, 15:10(отредактировано)

what we can do is to give them ideas, for example the skill stones, you mentioned....  lets try to find a solution for it, if you hadn't started this post, i would have not thought of this suggestion


lets find options that would be kind of easy to happen for what we think it would be good to change.... and lets propose here in suggestions :)

like a think tank 

18 янв. 2019, 16:1118.01.19
19 янв. 2019, 19:59(отредактировано)

Mikalosos said:

Totally out of wack: breaking times versus pieces produced for General items.  Breaking time should be directly related to number of pieces produced to make better items worth breaking.

i revision of this matter would be very interesting , i think everyone is tired of using boost to break for really few pieces. and i know others asked for a remove item button as in the temporal area, but i am sure that alina could pass this matter to devs if we prove the ilogical situation with photos. this weekend i will be slightly busy but if no one else can do it, i will on monday post photos of items showing time and number of pieces  :)

due to weather conditions i had some time today, i am missing some details but basically you can see here the progression and the ilogical ratio per hour. 

25 янв. 2019, 09:5625.01.19


We have a lot of Items available in the game so that each player could use those Items which are useful for him/her.

If Item is not used by one player, it doesn't mean it's not used by all other players.

Devs regularly check the analytics results for each group of Items to understand which of them is used more often.

Only based on these results they can make a decision to remove Item from the game. 

Complete reviewing of absolutely all Items has no sense in this case and will require a lot of time which devs can spend on the tasks with the higher priority.

Fortuna, I've replied on your last suggestion in a separate topic: https://plarium.com/forum/en/sparta-war-of-empires/suggestions/121036_review-of-time-for-breakup-and-pieces-for-general-equipment-/

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