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Sparta 101: Making the best out of the Coalition Mission 'Divine Quests'

Sparta 101: Making the best out of the Coalition Mission 'Divine Quests'

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13 янв. 2017, 02:4313.01.17

Sparta 101: Making the best out of the Coalition Mission 'Divine Quests'

Coalition events are often not awarded the respect they deserve, as rewards are limited and logging on multiple times daily is more or less a must. But considering that these rewards are distributed amongst all coalition members equally and are available daily, they do contribute to troop buildup as to other game resources, and from the perspective of a lower level player, do so significantly.

The "Divine Quest" event is one such opportunity:

On any random day, one would probably contribute around 30 to 40 quests to a given “Divine Quests” coalition mission. But with a bit of forethought, this number can be more than doubled without using a Quest Refresher.

Quests are listed in three categories: individual, coalition and dominion quests. To simplify matters, let us first consider only one category: the “Individual Divine Quests”:

Assuming that no dominion boost is active, every player receives 5 quests three times within 24 hours, usually in a 6 hour rhythm. Five quests three times a day makes (obviously) 15 quests which will be added to the coalition event which lasts one day.

But should the quest list contain leftover quests which were added before the event began, but were never accepted and/or claimed, claiming these during an ongoing event will add them to the event total. Therefore, if one leaves quests unclaimed until a “Divine Quest” event begins, these also will count towards the total.

But here it gets a bit tricky, since unaccepted and/or unclaimed quests cannot just be left lying about until a “Divine Quest Event” happens to pop up. Understanding these rules is key:

Let us attempt a walk-through, a very simple one, and focus solely on individual quests (with no active dominion boost).

The above table shows us when, in this example, new quests arrive. If we refrain from claiming a single one, when do we begin losing quests? Each category (individual, divine, dominion) has 9 slots for upcoming quests. The 5 quests that pop up at 00:00 will remain there until claimed, or forever.

But what happens at 06:00 when the next batch of 5 quests arrives? If there aren’t sufficient slots for all new quests coming in, none will become available (remember, of the 9 slots 5 are occupied by the quests from 00:00). But although the 06:00 batch of 5 quests isn't shown in slots, the game will inform you that new quests have arrived and will become available as soon as sufficient slots are freed up. So now we have 5 unclaimed quests in 5 slots and 5 unclaimed quests in the pipeline.

And what happens at 12:00? Here’s the rub: if there are already quests waiting for slots to free up (the 06:00 batch), then all subsequent quests will be lost; they will not simply be added to a queue waiting for a free slot, that’s not how online games work which penalize players for staying away too long.

But if we do the math and leave sufficient open slots, we would be able to gather quite a few quests:

If we claim exactly one 00:00 quest, that would leave 5 slots for the 06:00 to appear and the 12:00 quests would line up, waiting for slots to free up. Assuming the coalition event begins at 16:00 we would now have 14 quests ready to be claimed even before any quests pop up during the event itself. With an activated (high) dominion boost, we would even have 18, 9 in the slots and 9 (or more depending on dominion level) waiting for slots to free up. And if we now do this in all three quest categories, we would have (at least) 54 quests to our credit in the event, plus of course the 4 batches which arrive whilst the event is ongoing.

Therefore, with an active dominion boost, the total comes to 135 (54 + (3 batches of 9 quests per each of 3 categories)). And that’s not counting any quest refresher one might want to activate.

Note (1): Obviously, it is not possible to foresee when a "Divine Quest" event will become available and prepare for this, but there is no reason not to let quests queue up every day under the assumption that a "Divine Quests" event is next. If it isn't, nothing is lost, since one can simply claim all the quests for the previous day (and begin hoarding new ones for tomorrow :-) )

Note (2): remember to complete, but not claim, quests asap. Quests that were not accepted might be lost in the “dominion” category if the dominion boost runs out.

Note (3): Should you have dominion activated over an extended period of time, for example during the day leading up to the event, consider that the “nine slots per quest type” does not apply, if there are sufficient slots available for the five standard quests to be loaded, the additional quests provided by the active dominion will be tacked on at the bottom of the list regardless.

This links to an animated screenshot (WebM) of a Dominion Divine Quests list with 35, mostly completed, quests: 35 Dominion Divine Quests.

Hope this helps a little :-)


Note: corrections added 12.02.17.

Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager
13 янв. 2017, 09:2913.01.17
Good to see you're back, Dio! And thank you for the tutorial! 
13 янв. 2017, 10:3213.01.17

Alyona Kolomiitseva said:

Good to see you're back, Dio! And thank you for the tutorial! 

Tyvm! Work (and skiing holidays :-) had me busy, and January is still booked, but am in the process of moving back to the Peloponnese on the next galley, in-game and forum. Hope everyone is well? Regards to Basileus :-)

13 янв. 2017, 12:0613.01.17
Very interesting post! Nice job!