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guidance and advice for players who start playing or for everyone

guidance and advice for players who start playing or for everyone

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guidance and advice for players who start playing or for everyone

this is any advice and information that is useful for players just starting to play, or those looking for some extra information, I hope they serve many do not forget to support with a "like"

initial advice:

In this post you will find a series of tips that will help you grow quickly and orderly.

  1. Request friendship to members of the coa, in this way, the other members will help you repair a fallen tower, only a day, and also create a hero resources and reinforcements can arrive in less time. (See entry on how to request friendship)
  2. Is important to remember that you always have to keep the troops in the acropolis, both offensive and defensive (See entrance defense and / or attack). You'll save surprises.
  3. Agora: The Agora reduces the time of construction and expansion of buildings in your city. Therefore it is one of the buildings that you need to level up as soon as possible.
  4. Acropolis,: It is important that the capacity of the acropolis cover the stored capacity of barns and warehouses. So if you plunder may only be the amount which can not be stored on the Acropolis.
  5. Improve buildings and agreements: Follow the directions we take in entries agreements and improving buildings, although this depends on the characteristics of each player, so you can change it depending on your game.
  6. Looting: The game gives you the choice of 10 looting a day. Every 2.5 hours, a new looting is activated. It is the main source of collecting resources. Look at the cities around you, look at those who have long without growing, they will be abandoned, are conducive to looting no surprises, but first spy to know that they have more resources than the level Acropolis. It ensures that the troops that you send can take resources. Try searching for game cities closest to you are the more resources you are going to give, always try to pick at least 50K and if you can do what the galleys can reach 84K (see entry looting)
  7. Sieges: You have a maximum of three sieges, which optimizes what city will provide more resources before activating the protectorates. Practice tells us that at low levels is interesting only do when requested by the individual missions, according vayais level up you get used to constant resources but what they give compared with looting is very low. A good siege you can provide a 4k a day while a looting at least 50K.
  8. Divine Missions: These missions is a source for resources, elixirs, activators domains or experience points, while the coalition helps improve their position in the ranking of coalitions, so it is important that we do. The number of divine missions varies depending on the level of each player. The new missions appear 3 times daily Depending on the level can be completed up to 78 missions a day. (See input divine missions)
  9. Oracle. The Oracle allows us to see the Persians positions, special missions and emporias, Activated maximum of 5 positions per day. When you are low level are the best tool to get those troops (phalanx, heavy cavalry) you can not do to a certain level. (Given the complexity of this point we recommend you see entries about positions, missions and villas)
  10. Academy, is a good place to make some improvements to the troops. It is important to spend some time every day. Care in the use of the scrolls because they are expensive to get, they are available in PVP, when leveling up and other special events. View entry academy: use of scrolls.



 In the game there are a number of cities that belong to the game and form a horizontal or vertical line of several cities of level 31 to 53, with names containing numbers or letters, EZQSJZV 0 ZF20DWRTD type.

They are cities with lots of resources that do not have any troops.

To find these lines there are several ways, but it is advisable that you start to navigate around the map to the north and south, east and west of your city to find them. Depending on your area, will be closer or farther. There is no set rule for this.

Once we know what our line, we just will plunder cities of this line, and we will provide abundant resources to raise agreements and buildings, temples and create troop continuously.


There is a way to get more than 50K of resources that is the maximum that we can plunder a city a week.

When plunder a city, the game was considered a kind of bank where only lets you remove 50K, but if you make an income for example 20K, the game will let you withdraw 70K.

The trick is to send the looting of the selected city:

When 20 seconds remain between our plunder, we sent to the city that will loot the galleys with the maximum resources they can carry. The resource type does not matter. The game means you have done an income in that city, allowing loot 50K + your ability to galleys. Example if you sent 20K can get to loot 70K = 50K + 20K Important if you send 20K wood will not increase those 20K to wood available in the city but the total resources, that is, what matters is the amount not sent the resource type.

That is why, so it is important that you upload the highest level port and dock, to carry more load resources.

When looting happens, you must cancel sending your galleys, for this you have to be attentive to the report, because after a while no longer allowed to withdraw the galleys.

You'll never be reliable to take more than the city That, That is, if the city has 10K of each resource and an acropolis 8K, you're going to steal every 2K, even trick you do.

It is immaterial what you send him in the galleys, will not give more than a commodity to another for it.

Note that as we said, there is a limit of 50K weekly looting, so we face that cities can attack and where not to keep looting. To know that cities are available to make the most of the looting must do the following:

1. In the lower left of our screen we have an orange circle with a helmet and two sword. click ther

2. A drop-down displays. At the top right puts enemy. we click here.

a list of enemy cities that we will deploy, so we know how many resources you've stolen from every city and what is the amount available in each.

Despoil the cities that signals we 0/50000 ie that you can take the 50K resource.

As you can see it is possible in this example:

Building improvement:

When you start in this game one of the most important pieces for proper development and growth of our city, is to raise a proper organization of our buildings.

Our city above all have to provide resources to further improve buildings, sign agreements and create troops, and on the other hand must be functional to serve to be growing properly. It is therefore important figure of the craftsman, at first the game provides one.

It is important to start saving drachmas to at least get a second. Wait offers emerging market, slow but worth the cost in drachmas is 1500 second and 3000 third. The best is to have the more the better, so can be made more improvements, think up to level 20 buildings can occupy certain days.

So let's see what types of buildings have and what they do:

  • Farms: Provide Grain
  • sawmills: Provide wood
  • Forges: Provide bronze
  • Acropolis: guard troops and part of the resources
  • Nursing: covers part of the units that have died defending the city. Not recover the dead troops elsewhere.
  • Ephorate: Accelerates the signing of agreements
  • Agora: Accelerates time, of construction of buildings.
  • Barn and Warehouses: They store resources
  • Oracle: You indicated the Persian positions, special missions and emporias
  • Port: It provides galleys, with which you can trade, or that allow you to loot more resources (see looting more than 50,000 resources)
  • harbor : Increases charge that can carry the galleys
  • lighthouse: Increases the speed of the galleys (. Useful if you are going to trade on the market If you are a friend or member of the coa arrive at a maximum of 20-25 minutes).
  • Hall of Heroes: allows you to evoke three heroes day.
  • Temple of Asclepius: serves to mix elixirs and get amphorae that provide a percentage increase in defense and attack
  • Temple of Demeter, reduces the consumption of grain troops.
  • Temple of Hephaestus and temple of Pan: and increase the production of wood and bronze
  • Temple of Hermes. Increases the production of wood and bronze, but every time you besiege or looting your city loses its power.
  • military buildings (stables, camp, barracks and armory): buildings where troops is built. Each troop type can build the go as signing the respective agreements.
  • Argentarium: transforms wood and bronze in denarii with which you can buy special troops.
  • Fortifications: gates, walls and towers. They serve as defensive element. Worth only when you have signed Estínfalo Level 5. Costly drachma, to increase that provide little defense.
  • decor: each element provides an increase. Cost of drachmas.

Besides there is a market entry and the Council of War, where you can make exchanges of resources and articles, and organize your troops respectively.

Once described each building that has the game we give minimal tips on how to keep improving.

  • Farms, sawmills and forges we have to level 10 as it is the minimum that allows us to sign agreements Eleusis, Hephaestus and Orcómeno
  • The Ephorate and Agora, we raise them to lvl 20 as soon as possible, but keep them to a minimum of 12 should be a priority, as it will expedite our signing of agreements and the speed of construction of our buildings.
  • The Acropolis defends our resources, ideally 20 to protect upload it to 18K but 12 would be a good level.
  • The port and harbor, are priorities for improving our plunder, by the trick of the galleys, so raise them as soon as possible to level 20 is important. Being at a level 12 is an optimum level.
  • Nursing is interesting to raise it, but with a minimum of 10 is a good level, if we keep reminding ourselves of all the troops in Acropolis.
  • grain stores and resources with a minimum of 10. But you must go moving it up in terms of the need for signing agreements and improvements of buildings
  • It is important when we signed Eleusis, build the Temple of Demeter to raise it as soon as possible significantly reduces the consumption of grain by the troops.
  • As for the rest, then go by uploading them or building them gradually, as they are not a priority for the game.



This is completely optional and taste of your game, it depends if you like the attack or defense. We just want to tell you a way to move forward quickly.

The first is to raise the initial agreements to farsala level 20, and on the other hand, follow the line of samos to sign agreements eleusis, Hephaisteia and orchomenus

As for stymphalos they can be completed or not, because they are useless, although it is supposed to increase defense of your city, so if not finish, every day you will be giving away an item and you can sell 3-4 K of resources. If you have abundant resources and drachmas, for signature until 5 Estínfalo from here buy towers and walls, if you buy them before signing Level 5 is throwing away drachmas.

The optimum is to follow the line of TARAS, ie consecutively sign agreements argos, dion, troy, olimpia .... but remember that from here you need GPS

If you like you can sign ARGOS,. and upload ARGOS level 20 and thus Thureophoroi will be very strong 

If yours is the attack because after signing OLIMPIA upload it to level 20.

From this firm, GPS saves to sign CORINTH as soon as possible to peltasts mounted. Like if you go up to Level 20 will be very strong in defense. PELLA and then sign SPARTA, to make Macedonians and Agemas and level up when you can, as they need many resources and months for signing up to level 20.


Making a siege.

Looting provide many resources immediately and in large quantities, but the sieges is a cost effective alternative to long term as it allows periodically collect resources beleaguered cities. The siege is an offensive maneuver two stages: the capture and retention.

Unlike looting, sieges are limited, but can besiege many cities as you want at once, the game only allows you to collect resources from three cities under siege at a time.

Sieges only allow us to gather wood or bronze. To do this we have to go to court martial. Click in the tabs Protectorates and fittings, where we see the number of units positioned in the besieged cities and collect the resources it produces. Harvesting is done manually through the icon collect. Do not forget to collect the loot regularly, as it only allows to collect the maximum daily production of the selected resource, besides the more the more time passes, the risk of your enemies you run free the city or be sacked on the other.

The first step is to take the selected enemy city. To do this, it is first important defensive measure spying for enemy forces and send his troops accordingly. It is interesting to high-level cities because they generate more resources, but also run the risk of having it stripped more quickly. Looting towns are recommended for high-level cities abandoned by game players and cities.

To start a siege, uses the same method to send an attack or looting by clicking wishing besiege the city on the map and selecting the option "besiege"

The operation is simple, however, there are several things to consider before sending. Sometimes we have a general idea of ​​the forces of our enemy, but be careful, because if a player of the same level, does not mean that it has adopted the same style of game than you. They have concentrated exclusively on his defense, either in units or buildings, or get help from another player of his coa and easily dismount your siege. Therefore, before each siege, it is advisable to send some scouts to take stock of defensive forces of the enemy.

But as in the looting, the report itself does not guarantee victory. Perhaps your spies came at a time when defensive troops were kept in Acropolis or out of town. Start a siege is always a risk and should also determine whether it's worth. That is why we insist, do it in abandoned towns or cities game that you never will be a loss in troops attack. They send a single soldier with guarantees you collect the resources of that city.

If you go to attack a city active, you must first send troops to attack. Once your offensive units have besieged a city, you must send defensive units to maintain the siege. Be careful not to remove your offensive units before they reach the defensive units, or the siege will be canceled. To send defensive units to keep the city, go to the map and select the "Send reinforcements" option from the menu on the right.

As rid of a siege

A city under siege appears as a burning city and name the enemy is superimposed over the name of the besieged city.

If your city is under siege, there are only two ways to take free your city: liberate yourself or get help from another player.

To free yourself, you must have enough offensive units to defeat the troops in your city arranged by your enemy. For the number of troops, because if you left a soldier or spy report see your own city.

If you have enough units to win, you must click on the icon that gets released.

If you are not able to break free for you alone, seek help from your teammates to send offensive units so they kill the defensive units besieging you.


The Sanctuary of Asclepius to store, use and enhance elixirs.

Elixirs are special elements that provide a bonus while in use. These items are permanent and provide a percentage increase of- green-color- defense ,and attack -color red.

To improve elixirs and turn them into ballot boxes, we have to combine 2 of the same level and so on in the House of amphorae. Thus we get elixirs stronger each time. The maximum level is 12.

To use an Elixir, select cahce an amphora and place in a free camera, and press to activate.

At the beginning of the game there is only one camera, but the market will find a special article to unlock more cameras (or if you expect you will give the game at a certain level)

You can only remove free elixirs level 1-4 but elixirs of the highest levels require the use of an element called caduceus to remove safely There are two types silver and gold. The silver can be achieved in PVP, but usually have to buy on the market. The only gold can buy drachmas and are very expensive.

In addition whenever you are using are lost and need to replace them. Therefore, think well if you use and worth.

There are two levels of caduceus, which works on levels 5-8 retiring with caduceus silver and one that works in 5-12 levels, gold caduceus. The higher the level, the more bonus increased defense or attack


You can only get points Gloria (GPs) attacking or defending positions during active Global Missions. You can not buy GPs using grain, wood, iron or drachmas. You also can exchange them or send them as gifts to other players. Other players can not steal your points Gloria City in looting. You can use points to purchase unique items Gloria needed to train new units and unlock other game features. Go to Market, open the tab "GPs" and choose what you want to buy.

Visit the Market for a full list of items and features of the game you can buy.

Global missions

Campaign missions

Attack or defend normal positions to unlock new campaign missions and get exclusive rewards. There are a total of 24 missions in a campaign. By completing these missions Campaign you can:

  • Receive new units for your army. 
  • Get access to exclusive content of the story. 
  • Earn experience points, Points of Glory and more.

How they work, campaign missions?

Upon successful completion of its first position Level 5, all players will gain access to the first Mission Campaign in the new tab "Missions" Oracle interface. To complete the missions you have to attack or defend a particular position.

Each mission can be played twice: once with offensive units and another with defensive. However, the Mission Campaign is completed automatically after the first successful mission, and play it the second time is completely optional.

Campaign unlock additional missions by defeating positions increasing level. Once completed, you will find the previous missions by scrolling to the end of the right of the interface Oracle.

To unlock new campaign missions, you must first complete the indicated positions you find the Oracle interface. Go to your Oracle and select the tab "Missions" to find out how to unlock new missions.

Divine missions:

The Divine Missions are special daily tasks that you entrusted Selene, Pythia of Delphi. Participation is optional and does not require any battle or any costs or Resources Unit.

Selene you entrust new Divine Missions 3 times a day and every time receive up to 8 new tasks.

The Divine Missions expire if not accepted in less than 8 hours and lose your opportunity to receive the reward.

To complete the Divine Missions, click on the icon "Divine Missions", choose the Divine Mission you want to complete and click "Start".

After a predetermined period of time the Mission will be completed automatically. When finished, click "Claim Reward" to collect your reward.

You can also use Drachmas to reduce the time it takes to complete a Divine Mission by clicking the button "Boost".

There are 3 categories of Divine Missions:

Individual: any Archon can participate in these Divine Missions.

Coalition: only members of a Coalition can participate in these Divine Missions.

Domain: Domain active status to participate in Divine Missions Domain.

Within each category of Divine Missions, all daily tasks fall into one of these five classifications:

  • Divine Missions Class I 
  • Divine Missions Class II 
  • Divine Missions Class III 
  • Divine Missions Class IV 
  • Divine Missions Class V 

Each class differs from others by its rarity and by the time it takes to complete. The more higher the level a task, the greater the reward you will receive to complete.

request Friendship:


By chat:

Click on the name you want, where you write down will, on your left a rayotas, click stripes and leave a menu, you give ready to add friends.

visit your, city:

on the map you can also apply for friendship, says the city with the mouse, do not click, you will get a menu and just under a blue helmet with a + click on the helmet and request sent.


A coalition attack is an attack up to 3 players together, which means that two members send troops as reinforcements to a third party that is responsible for sending the attack troops 3. These attacks can only be made to pantheons and can only be launched by certain members of the coa, those who have reached at least the rank of standard-bearer.
These attacks should be launched only when there making PVP pantheons or eliminate enemies to score points. It is important to remember two things

  • pantheons sometimes that belongs to very strong coalitions, and usually take some kind of retaliation to those who sent them to their pantheons attacks in the form of political attacks, looting and sieges.
  • which normally does not return any troops. everything you send will die, so important to know amount and type of troops to send.

For which you are sending the attack, you must perform the following steps:

  • Deciding that pantheon going to attack, remember to never launch an attack pantheon of an allied coalition to it on the map in the bottom left appears where coordinates, a box numbers,. Those are the existing panteon in the game.

  • Having defined the throwing, the two companions sent him in the form of reinforcement troops attack requested (usually 200 light / heavy 50/20 phalanges) to score plenty of points 500-600.
  • Troops on the Acropolis. For convenience of being sent, the attack coalition, it is better to withdraw troops from the city and keep all the Acropolis and next before reinforcements arrive, remove yours units, which will go on the attack. Important to organize well the timing of sending troops so that there is little time from arrival to the city of the two companions and sending the attack, then you can add a pushovers that you may be attacked by enemies and destroy the troops of your companions.
  • Coalition attack. When they arrived reinforcements all partners to the city that will launch the attack, we give the target pantheon and an "attack coalition" select box appears in the upper right of the screen and you get another screen the names of colleagues who have sent reinforcements to your city, select both and confirm in the box in the bottom center. Once in the menu above you must select all troops sent by the to launch the attack coalition and therefore fellow troops and yours should appear. Nothing to send attack and to add dots ...... you should remember that his troops will not return.

Important: remember that you can only attack pantheons, which can only be a maximum of 3 people per attack and can not be accelerated because the game has set the attack to a pantheon in an hour.

hich is a defensive wall?

It is not more than send reinforcements as defense troops a mate. We do among several members, to have a great defense in the city chosen partner. We use it for events or PVP. Usually they get good points that ultimately can be redeemed for more powerful than those that can be done in the usual manner, such as Promachos, Thureophoroi and even win champions troops.

How to locate defensive walls?

The best way is to spy all positions you have on hand. other than the coalition and its allies, sending a single spy, and if you find some wall, as you know, send an attack to get the most points.

If at any position you could not spy because it has many scouts stationed in your town, send an attack and look to see there. If you destroy it you've found a wall, if barres, everything returns home and returns to the fray.




Troops attack are our best ally for points and loot, which would earn great rewards and GPS or to gather resources to create troops and improvements of buildings and agreements.

So the best you can do is whether they will participate in some event to earn points, it is stamped troops attack because it directly, attack troops kill and earn more points if you use defensive troops.

Among the variety of troops attack, it is best to focus on four or five guys, because their strength then depends on the level of ,agreement they have. Everyone is free to do whatever you want, but it is important to focus on swordsmen, hoplites, myrmidons, Promachos, Macedonian cavalry and agemas riders.

The Promachos and cavalry, cost much to manufacture, are expensive in resources and must have very advanced agreements to manufacture, and are usually on the other hand, PVP rewards and taking positions of Xerxes. Therefore focus your efforts on making swords, hoplites and mirmidon and climb as soon as possible agreements to level 20. Ten all day the oven doing this kind of troops, because it is the most going to sacrifice, but also the least expensive and fastest created.

The best way to use these attacks, it is against walls of cities, against emporias or directly against walls pantheons, although pantheons care, usually large coalitions and often retaliate.

The best way to attack troops kill himself, is in force attacks 20K (200 hoplites and myrmidons 15/20). This will give you good points while keep intact your phalanges and horses, you'll need for other things. These troops are good to kill light and heavy troops, and have the advantage that horses defense and Thureophoroi are not too resistant to them, this, this attack usually done enough damage and are usually obtained from 350 to 600 PVP points.

As they are also essential for looting, all the horses keep as a treasure, as are the fastest and those most loaded into looting. Do not sacrifice your horses, as do good plundering is the basis of this game.

How to measure the losses of troops and rewards

The formula that determines the number of soldiers lost during an attack is very complex, but can be summarized with a simple formula. If you won or lost, the losses will be approximately equal to:

lost troops, enemy NºUnidades = / (Nºunidades sent + Nºunidades Enemy)

If you send 100 units to a city with 200 defenders, 200 / (100 + 200) ie, you will lose 66 units of your offensive units. For the defending 100 / (100 + 200), you will lose 33 of its units.

In this sense we must be very careful, because it depends on the level of troops of each troop type, etc ... It is therefore not an exact rule.

Collecting loot is calculated based on the number of units you lose. Note that the number of resources that bring after a raid is the sum of the capacity of resources that can carry all your surviving soldiers (ie, if the city has enough resources to loot). If you're going to lose 30 soldiers and gathering, grain 1k and 1K bronze, because really not worth it. Therefore, always sends scouts.




How to make the best use of our troops?

The defense and attack are the basic parts of this game, and defend your city from attack to save resources 4K, NEVER not worth it ... because nearly kill you, you've lost time redo troops, and get resources through looting to make those troops.

First and most importantly, you can never know the troops with which someone is going to attack us. It may be a low level player camouflaged or tear you apart visa and the defense has cost you so long to do.

If someone attacks you, first save troops in Acropolis, then spend resources, or send them to a member of the coalition, and let our enemy, attack.

It is important to keep the reports of these attacks, because you can well see that attacks you, what time you attack. If you do several times, as you can and know that troops have, and communicate it to your superiors, and to entrap and leave you quiet for a season.

You must increase defense if we want to improve the level of the coalition, so it retains the troops. We recommend that at least to rank up in the coalition, always have 100k of defenses to use it for the benefit of the coalition to entrap the famous walls.

Note: If there are errors when writing in English, I'm sorry, but my English is not the best

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Hello to all

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Plarium Sparta War of Empires Amphitheater explained!

Here you go everyone. My new Youtube video explaining the new levels and the Amphitheater. Enjoy. Subscribe if you like. I will be publishing the new Xerxes position video that will blow the mind! I don't do this for money. I do it for the fun of the game. I have another 800 videos almost ready to publish on every single angle of the game. I hope they help out new players and spark interest in older players opening your eyes to the angles, tips, trick and cheats of the game. Explaining Orichalum, how to build a city, how to fight, defend take it to the edge. A lot of players complain the new guys are being left in the dusk, that's not the case. It's all in how you research your army. I hope you all like it. Thanks Naughty


Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager
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Notty said:

Plarium Sparta War of Empires Amphitheater explained!

Here you go everyone. My new Youtube video explaining the new levels and the Amphitheater. Enjoy. Subscribe if you like. I will be publishing the new Xerxes position video that will blow the mind! I don't do this for money. I do it for the fun of the game. I have another 800 videos almost ready to publish on every single angle of the game. I hope they help out new players and spark interest in older players opening your eyes to the angles, tips, trick and cheats of the game. Explaining Orichalum, how to build a city, how to fight, defend take it to the edge. A lot of players complain the new guys are being left in the dusk, that's not the case. It's all in how you research your army. I hope you all like it. Thanks Naughty


Nice work! Will you post it in a separate topic?
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Thanks, very usefull.  I am not good with picture editing but one usefull addition for beginners would be  'how to change general's name'  and also how to equip the general. This question comes up like 10 times a day. I try to answer when I can but would be good to have a link with embeded pictures..