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Wanted - Testers for GameHQ (Android)

Wanted - Testers for GameHQ (Android)

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4 янв. 2018, 15:3604.01.18

Wanted - Testers for GameHQ (Android)

Wanted - Testers for GameHQ (Android)

Dear players,

Want to be the first to try out a brand new game forum app? Your chance is here.

At Plarium, we are currently in the process of developing a brand-new mobile application - GameHQ.

GameHQ is a free and easy-to-use app that allows you to connect with your fellow players, no matter where you are. Among its many features, GameHQ gives you all the latest game news, the ability to share and discuss different game tips and tactics with experienced players, and a direct line to Plarium Support.

Before launching the full version of the app, we will be testing the current build to help us locate areas for improvement.

This is where you come in. Right now, we’re looking for players to test GameHQ and share their experience with us.

If you’d like to help us make your game forum experience more enjoyable, you can take part in the test by following these simple steps:

1. Click here to download the app: http://plrm.me/2CB2LTY

2. Use the application to communicate with the gaming community.

3. Fill out the form with your feedback: http://plrm.me/2EW6Yje


The current beta version is available only for Android Users.

The app currently allows you to:

- Register and authorize your account

- View categories, subcategories, and topic pages

- Create topics and posts

- View and edit your user profile

- Switch between two supported languages: English and Russian

The beta version does not include:

- Private messages

- Notifications

- Search functions (including Member Search)

When using the app, please consider it a regular forum and report all cases of bad user experience you come across.

Thank you,

- Plarium Team

4 янв. 2018, 19:2504.01.18
4 янв. 2018, 21:14(отредактировано)

if u are  doing  changes   on servers from flash to another platform , why you  didn't do an app for the game ???  

p.s. this application seems useless  if the game isn't mobile so i will pass :)   

p.p.s. why should we give you permissions to READ ,  MODIFY and  DELETE the informations from ours sd cards like the app requests ?

5 янв. 2018, 20:1205.01.18
I am on it ! 
5 янв. 2018, 20:1305.01.18
14 янв. 2018, 19:1714.01.18

Skulder said:

p.p.s. why should we give you permissions to READ ,  MODIFY and  DELETE the informations from ours sd cards like the app requests ?

If you want to post pictures on the forum. You must have the ability to edit and delete images from the application. 

15 янв. 2018, 16:3615.01.18
15 янв. 2018, 16:57(отредактировано)


You have the right to share your opinion, you also have the right to decide not to install it. But you do not have the right to influence other players.

17 янв. 2018, 09:4417.01.18
17 янв. 2018, 09:45(отредактировано)

mate telling an opinion it's influencing somebody ..so what you say  it's an non sense ...also don't know why you deleted my message .. in wich i responded  to youre  message and you didn't  delete yours ..you know it's wrong youre affirmation and don't need permission to delete    files from somebody  sd cards  to delete and modify  pictures from youre servers  ..that are two different things 

17 янв. 2018, 13:0017.01.18
Do you believe that Plarium will go digging through your albums to add a black and white filter to your holiday picture ? 
17 янв. 2018, 20:1817.01.18
17 янв. 2018, 20:19(отредактировано)

mate don't  know what they  will do  or not do ..but anything it's possible after   you give somebody permissions to delete    from  youre sd cards ..also don't  forget hackers..nothing it's impenetrable in this  world security wise ..so  at least we should be more carefull and have fewer risks 

18 янв. 2018, 10:4518.01.18
18 янв. 2018, 10:56(отредактировано)

Read  that thanks  but still  don't get why  you should  have permissions to delete from ours sd cards..should have only read because only that it's necessary to be able to upload any picture   ..  
Have   an question after reading there  ... what permission  we give  about our    internal memory if we don't have sd cards ...the same read /modify /delete ..if we  instal  that app ??

p.s.  because of these kind of permissions i   don't have installed almost any application in my phone   :))  and  not you guys are the problems but  hackers ..apple  said that they are impenetrable security wise and  #thefappening happened..anything it's possible  :)) 

18 янв. 2018, 13:0718.01.18
I believe that is required to delete temporary files that the app creates in your media folders, such as the avatars of other users and so on. And I honestly have not heard of many people having issues with their devices being hacked, but if you wish to be extra careful that is your right of course 
18 янв. 2018, 14:3218.01.18

From  youre source   i quote  :

There are different mechanisms to store data in an Android application that don't need the SD card access permission. You can create databases, store application parameters, create files on the internal storage. All these will not require any specific permissions and these data are accessible only by the application that created them.

So  why to give acces to internal memory ??