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Olympian Allegiance Is Back

Olympian Allegiance Is Back

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1 окт. 2020, 09:0501.10.20

Olympian Allegiance Is Back

Olympian Allegiance Is Back

Get Great Rewards Every Day!


The gods have seen fit to grant the answers to our prayers. We have heard your community requests, and the Olympian Allegiance has returned!

For Archons level 40 or higher, there are 120 days of fantastic Rewards awaiting you! You can log in every day to receive a Reward, but don't worry - you can also collect Rewards for days that you miss.

After the 120 days, you will have 10 more days to collect any Rewards you didn't catch. If any unclaimed Rewards remain once time is up, they will disappear forever.

Find out all the great Rewards you can get from this new loyalty program by looking at its tab next to "Dominion Status" and “Spartan Allegiance”. Return here daily and get your epic Rewards!

Basileus Leonidas