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The Ultimate Test Of A Ruler Is Here

The Ultimate Test Of A Ruler Is Here

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The Ultimate Test Of A Ruler Is Here

The Ultimate Test Of A Ruler Is Here

Compete In The Royal Coalition Conflict!


It is time at last. Silence the naysayers, the doubters, and the demagogues in your city. Show them all your power, and the power of your alliances. It is time for the Royal Coalition Tournament!

To plan your strategy, go to the Info tab of the Event and open Tournament Tasks to see how best to gain points. You will earn Rewards for completing Tournament Stages. These Rewards can be claimed while the Tournament is ongoing.

If your Coalition wins more Categories than your Opponent Coalition, you can claim a Reward for winning the Conflict once the Tournament ends. If both Coalitions win the same number of Categories, the Coalition with more Tournament Points will be declared the winner. Keep an eye on the Tournament Statistics to see how you are performing.

Finally, you can receive another Reward if your Coalition manages to earn enough Tournament Points to be ranked among the TOP 10 Coalitions in your Tier.

Call upon your Coalition Members, muster your armies, and set your forges to work. Bring home victory in the Royal Coalition Conflict!

Basileus Leonidas