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A Noble Tournament Is Soon Arriving

A Noble Tournament Is Soon Arriving

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AlinaCommunity Manager
9 сент. 2020, 12:0909.09.20

A Noble Tournament Is Soon Arriving

A Noble Tournament Is Soon Arriving

Arm Your City For The Royal Coalition Conflict!


The strife of Hellas grows ever greater, and there are those who would question your right to rule. Soon, you will get your chance to prove them wrong. The Royal Coalition Tournament is coming!

In this Tournament, your Coalition will be matched with an Opponent Coalition to compete with. Both Coalitions must complete a variety of Tournament Tasks to earn Tournament Points. All Tasks are divided into Categories, and the Coalition that wins more Categories will be the winner. If both Coalitions win the same number of Categories, the Coalition with more Tournament Points will be declared the winner.

Each Coalition Member can earn one or more of the following Rewards:

- Reward for Winning. If your Coalition wins more Categories than your Opponent, you can claim this Reward after the Tournament finishes. If both Coalitions win the same number, you can claim this Reward if your Coalition has more Tournament Points.

- Reward for Ranking in the Top 10 of your Tier. If your Coalition earns enough Tournament Points to be ranked among the TOP 10 Coalitions in your Tier, you can claim this Reward after the Tournament finishes.

- Reward for Completing Stages in your Tier. If your Coalition completes a Stage, you can claim a Reward immediately.

To participate in this Tournament, you must meet the following conditions:

- You must be a member of a Coalition for more than 7 days

- Your Coalition should not be in the process of being dismissed

- Your Coalition must have more than 5 000 000 Power Points. (Your Coalition Hegemon and authorized Coalition Members can check it in the Coalition Statistics tab.)

- Your Coalition should have been created more than 30 days ago

- Your Coalition must be matched with an Opponent

More information on the Royal Coalition Conflict is available in the Event Teaser. Convene with the fellow Members of your Coalition, and ensure you are prepared for this mighty test!

Basileus Leonidas

9 сент. 2020, 14:2309.09.20

correct me if I am wrong.   but  this is just a glorified name change and only thing different is the 2 different time  boost in the reward for winning the match if you are in the top 10.  If so that is a lot of HYPE and all it is.  is just another weekend hog of a conflict. 

And by the way these constant conflict battles, guardian arenas all the time really take away from the main purpose of the game. war and plans there of.  Now it is just a back struggling of a game to try and catch up with the coalitions full of coiners. No offense to you all that are heavy coiners.

Use to be fun back in the day.  now you pay to work in the game.  the fun element has been dwindled down. no more traps and walls as assassins take the fun away from that. why attack a player when you can throw 5k assassins at them. ok  maybe 1k but still you get my point. 

3 years ago this use to be a blast to play. just a reminder that sometimes less really is more.

9 сент. 2020, 15:5309.09.20
flags win, yep just another conflict to let the coiners win and the rest of us struggle to think we can win. What a joke this war game has become. Now it is a game of the haves and have nots. I get that enough in real life do not need it is a game also.
11 сент. 2020, 02:5711.09.20

Perhaps not.

The previous clash events were often won or lost by a dozen coiners that scored crazy amounts of points - often in troop generation, build upgrades, and positions.

They did not score across all tasks for the most part.

I think this will do 2 things - give teams that have high participation the chance to score in the tasks that the coiners ignore (or can not do because their city is to advanced) - and force teams to fight to win the combat tasks.

I see it as both another way palarium are attempting to force us to kill each others troops - and give a small advantage to active coalitions instead of coiners.