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New Achievements have arrived in Sparta

New Achievements have arrived in Sparta

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10 май 2019, 10:3810.05.19

New Achievements have arrived in Sparta


We have added new Achievements to truly test your might.

To find these Achievements, simply open the old “Achievements” window. Within this window, there are now two tabs:

- Titan Achievements. These Achievements relate to common tasks, such as constructing and upgrading Buildings, collecting Offerings and Resources, signing Agreements, training Units, and much more.

- Olympian Achievements. These are NEW, and are typically more advanced Achievements. To complete some of them, you will need to reach a certain Level and unlock specific features.

Click the "Achievements" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen to view your current progress and read the completion requirements for each Achievement.

Put yourselves to the test and see if you can complete any of the new Achievements.

Basileus Leonidas