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Coming Soon: Elysian City

Coming Soon: Elysian City

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5 фев. 2019, 15:1505.02.19

Coming Soon: Elysian City

Elysian City is an upcoming feature that will revolutionize your gameplay with a huge range of possibilities.

Prepare yourselves for:

- A Second City

- Elysian Buildings

- Elysian Units with powerful, unique abilities

- Moonstones, a special new Resource

- New Agreements

- New Items

- New Elysian Positions and Missions

Develop your first City, engage Positions, and sign as many Agreements as you can before this huge update.

It’s coming soon – get ready.

5 фев. 2019, 15:4505.02.19
5 фев. 2019, 15:46(отредактировано)
Mas detalles !!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 фев. 2019, 16:0905.02.19
Prossimamente... quando? Qualche anticipazione in più, grazie...
5 фев. 2019, 21:0005.02.19

Please elaborate: which agreements or criteria are required for this second city? 

Coming soon: City Elysee

Elísea City is an option that will arrive soon and will revolutionize the game with endless possibilities.

Get ready for:

- A second City

- Buildings Elysées

- Elíseas Units with unique and powerful Skills

- Piedras Lunar, a new special resource

- New Agreements

- New Objects

- New Positions and Evil Missions

Develop your first City, face Positions and sign all the Agreements that you can before this great update.

It's falling, get ready.

6 фев. 2019, 11:5806.02.19

Archons, it's just a teaser :)

I understand you all are impatient to know the details, but you need to wait for them.

We're working on a detailed guide for this feature and once it's ready, I will publish it on Forum.

Devs plan to release the feature at the end of the month.
7 фев. 2019, 04:1007.02.19
Please dont do this, you are ruining the game. I play another Plarium game that has all these changes you are making here.  Players are leaving that game in droves. So many empty cities, beacons(pantheons) unclaimed.   It takes a lot of money  to compete in the game with those changes
7 фев. 2019, 06:1507.02.19

In other games - were you able to share items with your second city?

can you transfer things between them?

do they have similar buildings or are they all new and different from the ones in your main city?

is there any overlap or similar buildings/walls/towers/etc ?
8 фев. 2019, 14:5108.02.19

Alina remember when we were asked before about it, it was an unanimous NO, we dont want it.

The rest please feel free to go and read the complaints about it in stormfall forum, its all a way to Unbalance more the game.
9 фев. 2019, 00:0109.02.19

Es obligatorio fundar la segunda ciudad o se puede jugar sin ella ?

Is it mandatory to found the second city or can you play without it?

12 фев. 2019, 12:0612.02.19

Guys, please be a little bit more patient. 

All details will be posted later. 

You are not obliged to play this new City if you don't want to do it.

It will have new Buildings, the new type of Resource and new Bonuses. The main City and the new one will be connected.

14 фев. 2019, 05:0914.02.19
and if we dont spend money to do all the upgrades we just get our butts kicked around like some kind of stepchild?
14 фев. 2019, 07:4414.02.19
14 фев. 2019, 07:54(отредактировано)

Alina Phoenix said:

Guys, please be a little bit more patient. 

All details will be posted later. 

You are not obliged to play this new City if you don't want to do it.

It will have new Buildings, the new type of Resource and new Bonuses. The main City and the new one will be connected.

the problem is  not if we use or not, the problem is that every supposed new thing, makes the gap between those that can massively spend and those that not, bigger and bigger, and that makes game UNbalanced.... this in particular, for my experience, the new units.

Not sure why developers dont listen to players, we are at the end the customers, isnt it?

15 фев. 2019, 17:3215.02.19

Be honest, you want our money Plarium!

You've just created more unevenness in this totally polarised game!  You've turned a fun, social activity into "coiners paradise."
15 фев. 2019, 21:1715.02.19
I tell you after last 3 days of maintenance madness the last thing I need is another city to coincide with this one, when I first used to play it was see who hit you and you hit them back, decide whether the packages were fair priced and reasonable to reinforce your strength then go to bed or do something more useful. Lately I lose count with the amount of mouse clicks I have to perform to keep my city and troops up to speed, If I am lucky and have planned it right after a couple hours maintenance I might possibly be able to have some fun doing some warfare. The fun aspect needs to be bought back into the game, nobody is really gonna risk their troops in big numbers against a possible coiner/guardian massacre on them unless it is in the coalition cause and even most hegemons these days realise this and are willing not to go the distance with members troops, such is the disparity in army/guardian/enhansement stength. We want a fun combat game back, not some paranoid time delayed wait until you feel your strong enough small light at the end of a very long tunnel away. I am waning folks dont know how much more I can take, If this proposed elysian city starts playing up and introducing loads of gameplay bugs, might be the straw that broke the camels back. You need to bring back the quickfire relatively even matched combat that we once had, were miles away from catching offense or defense out in the open as we used to to make a tactical overall gain.
16 фев. 2019, 07:1216.02.19
16 фев. 2019, 17:2216.02.19
16 фев. 2019, 17:23(отредактировано)

All of us now know how little consideration Plarium has of his players. After more than three years on SWOE I have slowly seen the game transform from pure fun to a money-making tool. Your greed for money is staggering. Now I will try to make my voice heard once again, wishing these reports can somehow be taken into account in the development of the game. I simply want to wish that this city Elysia is not another one found to squeeze money to the players and thus increase the gap between those who can spend significant amounts, and who can spend more modest amounts. I have spent a lot of money on this game myself; not at the level of some, but nonetheless they are not insignificant figures. What would give me tremendous discomfort, and this time could lead me to abandon the game permanently, would be a gimmick like that of the guardians, in which the best guardians can be obtained only by paying, while the efforts produced within the game are in vain at their achievement. Before we had the champions and other units that were also obtainable through tournaments or spending drachmas, but with the guardians all this was not possible (plus you have also redimensioned, from the parchments won in tournaments, the probability of exit of the class 3 guardians). I would therefore like to ask the developers to be correct against all Sparta players, and to grant everyone the same possibilities (those who want to spend can do it, but without this becoming an obligation in order to be competitive). I would also ask the technicians to focus more on the technical aspect of the game, given the numerous problems we are forced to suffer today. My league and I lost a tournament simply because your rankings counters were not updated. It is not possible that 4 years after the release of the game is still not enjoyed a certain stability. I hope, as said, my message does not go unnoticed. I want to say that this is not only my thought, but also represents the discontent of many other players. Thank you.

16 фев. 2019, 18:1016.02.19

Old players will remember how SWOE was when it was born: a fun game of ancient warfare, which is why I joined.

A well-structured game, and above all respectful of the historical period of reference, does not necessarily mean a dizzying and complex game.

We veterans of the first time remember how it was at the beginning and how it became. With time, historical falsities were introduced, due not only to simple ignorance, but to the desire to have a series of different games in the name, but perfectly identical in the functions and dynamics of the game. Yet a game on the Vikings, rather than one on the Greeks, or one on the Middle Ages should have a diversified gameplayer.

For Plarium it's the same, whether you're in a science fiction game or an ancient Greek one. Give some examples of the Plarium crap:

1. Cities move on the map to other coordinates. I do not know if any of you who have read have ever seen the city of Milwaukee, today in Wisconsin, tomorrow in Brazil, the day after tomorrow in Cambodia? Yet, for Plarium, cities are dematerialized and rematerialized everywhere.

2. A city is protected by a hood (plasma?) As in Star Wars, a Greek city of 480 BC. ??

3. The new units, including the general, are dressed like a medieval soldier: oval shield, winged helmet, engraved breastplate, steel boots ... the Greeks of 480 BC wear leather boots ... leather!

4. In Greece at that time the sick were healed in the temples. The hospital correctly said it was spreading in Europe around the eleventh century. Our cities do not have (strange) no temple but they have a hospital.

The brothel for the soldiers forgot to insert (suggestion).

Question: when you introduce stealt technology among the Greeks ... Apache helicopters, Navy SEALs ... maybe start with the Musketeers first, then gradually ...

5. Enjoyability does not mean a lot of useless and redundant features, for the sole purpose of spending money on the players. Passionate players pass their money more willingly into a serious and well-structured game.

This is a circus full of useless and wrong things. Reduce combat units to essential units, respecting the historical period. Reduce the market to what you really need for a game set in 480 BC. By making them pay, no one says for free. But from you Plarium there is no respect neither for the players nor for the game.

Before with an hour of play you had everything under control. Who works with a login in the morning and one in the evening has everything under control and has enjoyed. Today, to complete, it takes hundreds of clicks and five hours of play, minimum.

This is not playing is ending the day with nervous breakdown.

But I'm sure you do not give a fuck about this! Quite right?

22 фев. 2019, 23:1022.02.19
too much, how much money is enough for you guys?????