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forum threads that are being closed / locked or deleted

forum threads that are being closed / locked or deleted

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5 фев. 2021, 14:5305.02.21

forum threads that are being closed / locked or deleted

The purpose of this forum and the moderators / members is to get assistance with the game, to report bugs. and to share information.

To continualy close/lock threads without helping people or answering questions is poor behaviour from the staff.

Many many posts have been locked for further comment without the issues being addressed

Is this behaviour going to continue?  It is being discussed greatly in game now,, it is being discussed in the Palarium Raids streaming channels in youtube and other platforms, it is being brought up in the forums here on many game platforms.

In regards top the last post i made - and risking a ban like staff have issued to other contributing members of this community - I have reposted my original topic that was locked wihtout the question being answered - - - 

Will staff continue to lock our topics without answering questions - or giving some random staitment or comment that does little to help the question as this topic was yesterday?

Our concerns and issues do not just magically go away when you lock our topics - you only damage the forums and the game. 

5 фев. 2021, 14:5505.02.21

As pointed out by other contributing members of sparta - fourm use is at a record time low.

Perhaps this is what our moderators / community managers wish for - they seem to have issues with people being unhappy with the treatment they issue to the population, and seem to be intimidated by the questions about the broken game nad its bugs - but this is damageing the game and assist no one.

5 фев. 2021, 14:5705.02.21

A form that erases posts - and closes them without answering them - or at the least forwarding them to the program development team - is a broken system.

There is no one to balme for this other than the moderators that keep locking topics, and the staff that ban people for re-posting them.

(and yes - this topic is being cut and pasted to the other game forums to keep players posted on forum activities here as sparta, and raids forums are known top erase posts)

8 фев. 2021, 12:5508.02.21

Hello, Banshee. 

A reply to your questions was given in this thread

The topic you are referring to was discussed here and here. Please check them in order to find all the explanations regarding that case. 

Also, there were created at least 3 topics on the same subject and they were removed as duplicates. 

P.S. Players can always submit a ticket to our technical support department if they would like to receive a more detailed explanation regarding one or another case. To keep the privacy of our players, we aren't allowed to share more detailed information on the forum but it can be discussed personally by email. Your understanding is much appreciated on this. 

P.P.S. As an exception, this topic won't be deleted but it is going to be closed as well for multiple reasons. First off, we explained why some players couldn't have received the gifts and that it's not a bug. Secondly, such posts violate rules  3.10, 3.11, 3.15. 

I hope my reply answered all your question and explained why some threads were closed or removed. 

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