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 lost over 100 Millions at persian positions, thanks for that

lost over 100 Millions at persian positions, thanks for that

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27 июнь 2020, 04:1927.06.20

lost over 100 Millions at persian positions, thanks for that

over 100 M lost at PP, I have enough, they are not trustful, they think we are idiots to spend money over and over to replace our loses! bad strategy to be a thief , Plarium, players will only runaway from your game, only your staff will play it in the future! shame on you! tell me per mail when you will find again your fair play and give me my army back, is no honor what you do with your players! only then I will come back! and be nice and not delete my topic, you have no right to do that! players already know ... 

from a huge over 200 M army , I only have now ... 2 M, nice job, Plarium! 

x116 y110 

28 июнь 2020, 10:2028.06.20

Papa I have edited your post so it stays within the forum rules

I understand your frustration, I rarely play PP's myself as I have never had the time to get my head around it, the only times I have done a PP run is when of the members of my coalition who is very good at them has the time to walk me through them!

Do you have someone on your team who could help you with them?
11 июль 2020, 15:0111.07.20

hy Papa !!

you are not alone with your probs , many many players fighting with it here.

my luck is that i lost not so much then you , i'm a player that take only some money to put in this game , because i don't have lot of money , have to calculate every mounth , how much i can use.

for example: sparta war of empires is not bad game , sometime it makes fun , but only if you have enough units and can make your job.

since plarium making "robber economy" (to take away our troops) with the most of all players , its not funny for us , !!

at me it began about november or december 2019 , from PP (persians position) more then less troops coming out as payout. i remember me that i has with experience lvl 84 on city .... 10k agema , 12k promachos and so on in my "invalid camp" room , but now with lvl 93 city-experience from these troops only 100 from everyone.

since about two mounth i make only the minimum on pp , thats the only way. maybe i will stop complete on PP. 

i wish you all luck !! and nice day
15 дек. 2020, 14:3115.12.20

I play this game about 6 years now,before three years iv lost at pps 200m off 50m def still today nothing but its my fault, all are working perfect in this game i hope that you will take your army back mine is gone forever