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special coalition pack

special coalition pack

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19 май 2020, 15:4119.05.20

special coalition pack

hey there buddies, 

the new packs your offering 'special coalition pack' which includes free valuables for all members, i would say it is a very good input in the game, could be helpful for non-coiners.

also, a good strategy for business ;)

i wanted to ask if you folks can bring an update into it, when we claim all these free gifts, could we see the total number of valuables we just recieved like reward packs, when we claim all reward packs at once, we see the total number of valuables we recieve, it would be nice to have that for these free gifts as well.


20 май 2020, 07:2720.05.20

we do already?

unless I am not understanding what you are saying

20 май 2020, 09:5520.05.20

hey mortee,

maybe i didnt explain it properly, okay so what i am trying to say is that when you click on the 'claim all', i was suggesting that we see all these items in total that we just recieved, the total amount of drachmas, agemas, mounted peltasts and so on.

there are individual 'claim' buttons for individual rewards, but when we click on claim all, it is claimed but we dont get to see the total amount of items we just recieved.

suppose for reward packs, when we collect all of them together, we see the total number of goodies we just recieved popping up on the screen, i was suggesting the same for this aswell.

hope you understood what am referring too?

20 май 2020, 17:0820.05.20

Are you serious Punisher????

I wish I had not spent a dime on the package.

The package is not available to all players of Sparta.   Even long term members of coalitions that have been assisting the coalitoin, protecting its capital, and helping with coalition clash and coalition tourneys were excluded.  If their rank is not high enough they do not get the gifts we purchased for them.

This is also yet another way Sparta helps the strong and established accounts in sparta grow and attempts to prevent new players and low level accounts from catching up in power.

New accounts and accounts under level 41 can not even purchase this package.

It is a way for game developers to force an even bigger divide between low level players and the strong.


If they are this determined to destroy the future of the game - i will no longer spend money here,

Spending on a game that is ending is foolish.

20 май 2020, 17:2220.05.20

These packages are both an insult to players that happened to have moved between coalitions, and to players that do not have higher rank in coalitions.

They are an insult to the people trying to start playing sparta and an even bigger insult to the people that attempted to purchase the packages to assist friends and smaller accounts, and help them in growing in sparta.   Money spent on nothing because their wording in the description is deceptive and untruthful. 

This was timed during a massive political restructure in Glorious Valley - anyone on that server knows what i am speaking about - when more people had changed coalitions then in the last year.

Bad form for the game developers.

(Many complaints about this were sent via vip message/assistance request but all had the same message returned to them that avoided the issue entirely and insulted sparta players in yet another way) 

Palarium needs to be honest and open in their marketing division and stop producing sales packages that exclude many of their players.

20 май 2020, 21:2320.05.20
20 май 2020, 21:30(отредактировано)

wait a second buddy, i was thinking these packs are for each member to recieve, the free gifts in them that could help them grow, i havent had a member yet tell me they have not recieved the gift, maybe they are all in levels over 80, mostly 90, but i still have to look into this, cause many coalition packs were bought thinking it will assist the non-coiners specially and help them get stronger everytime a purchase is been made.

could any of the mods confirm on what fortress is saying? if so, what do you mean by fully fledged members recieving this? i was thinking it was to say that new members who havent completed 7 days in the coalition wont recieve it but anyone who has completed 7 days or more will recieve it.

false advertising?

21 май 2020, 08:0721.05.20

All members of our coalition that have scholar rank were exempt from the gifts, and they are far far beyond their 7 day probation period.

Excluding any members of a coalition, based on probation period, or on their rank is poor sportsmanship on the part of palarium.

I can also confirm that the accounts in our training coalition, that are level 40 or less were not even offered this sales package at all. This was something that was available to part of sparta, not everyone.

I think it is fair to say that new players were indeed left without, while strong coalitions were made stronger, and coin spending top 20 coalitions were given an even larger benefit. 

I am also a vip member - and i sent a ticket in to support about this.  The reply was a pre-written message that was exactly the same as others in my coalition were sent and ignored the issue here. 

To say i am not happy with Palarium staff and their dealing with this new sale is accurate.