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A Player Cheatıng like (GOD lıke) Incredible Hits

A Player Cheatıng like (GOD lıke) Incredible Hits

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18 июнь 2021, 21:3718.06.21

A Player Cheatıng like (GOD lıke) Incredible Hits

This is not a joke thre is 10 attack and 4 money stole from me and all full 4 X 100 K.) yes 400 K stolen me but his style also like God because all my units at the city so imposible raid them but did.

here is my capses

the first one is only caps from how i see all action...


his fist raid 


second one


3th one 


4th one 


kast one


2 others same like this one the guy name

MH MH HM level 135   

566 -435     3th universe 

19 июнь 2021, 09:3619.06.21


With "4 money stole" you mean that he raid your city and get 4*100k resources ?

There is no limit on raids if the city has resources.

If your galleys capacity is over 100k and the city has enough resources then you can raid 100k resources per successful raid

19 июнь 2021, 09:5519.06.21

man look to first pic and second

i do not say lie

AnastasiaCommunity Manager
25 июнь 2021, 11:2625.06.21

I checked the screenshots. Thanks. The problem is that another player raided 100k resources?

3 июль 2021, 14:5603.07.21

i forgive of aLL sadness of me.... i think aLL people has friends that married with some one or live with the others that that thry live together... anyway read my offers pls...

AnastasiaCommunity Manager
5 июль 2021, 11:1305.07.21

I am afraid that we do not understand each other, as something is lost in the translation.

I want to advise you to contact the support team. They will assist you in your language.

12 авг. 2021, 14:1912.08.21

Muliple raids are possible using the galley trick - you can take 100k as many times as you can fit in raids before the first raid hits the target city.

12 авг. 2021, 16:5612.08.21

Nivel 69 y el bestia que te atacó nivel 133, mmmm.

Tu con toda tu defensa, y veo también unidades de ataque que no defienden pero son las primeras en morir, intentando defenderte para que no te saque en. Ese error lo cometimos casi todos antes de aprender que primero tenemos que mejorar mucho para poder defender eso es mejor perder los recursos, seguro que el tiene bonus de todos los colores.

En cuanto a la cantidad que te saquea es normal si se utiliza el "truco" de las galeras. 

Level 69 and the beast that attacked you level 133, mmmm.

You with all your defence, and I see also attack units that don't defend but are the first to die, trying to defend you so he doesn't take you out. That mistake we made almost all of us before we learned that first we have to improve a lot to be able to defend that is better to lose the resources, sure he has bonuses of all colours.

As for the amount that you loot is normal if you use the "trick" of the galleys.

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20 нояб. 2021, 22:0120.11.21

Muliple raids are possible using the galley trick - you can take 100k as many times as you can fit in raids before the first raid hits the target city.

You can get 100k only first time. All other raids withing 24 hours will give you either 0 or 50K each, if you are using the "galley trick". 

21 нояб. 2021, 08:2021.11.21

Para hacer saqueos de 100K seguidos a un solo jugador unicamente se tienen que cumplir 2 requisitos :

1º que el jugador elegido tenga los almacenes y granero al maximo y en el caso de que le quieras saquear 40 veces aprobechando los 30 saqueos extra la cantidad sea muy superior a 4 millones y medio.

2º que tus galeras puedan echar 2 viajes de 50K a la vez ( no 50K ahora y cuando regresen otros 50K ).

El truco para saquear 100K la primera vez ya lo conoces asi que pasamos a los siguientes saqueos de 100K :

- lanzas el saqueo y como siempre haces el envio de 50K PERO esta vez eliges madera.

-cierras la ventana del envio y vuelves a hacerle otro envio de 50K de lo abitual ( en el 2º saqueo te lo permite pues  como ya se lo robaste "se lo deves" )

ya tienes 2 envios en marcha de 50K que hacen los 100K.

To raid 100K in a row to a single player only 2 requirements have to be fulfilled:

1º that the chosen player has the warehouses and granary to the maximum and in the case that you want to loot 40 times taking advantage of the 30 extra lootings the amount is much higher than 4 and a half million.

2º that your galleys can take 2 trips of 50K at the same time (not 50K now and when they return another 50K).

You already know the trick to loot 100K the first time, so let's move on to the next 100K lootings:

- you launch the loot and as usual you do the 50K shipment BUT this time you choose wood.

-Close the window of the shipment and send him another 50K shipment of the usual (in the 2nd loot he allows you to do it because you already stole it from him "you owe him").

you already have 2 shipments of 50K that make the 100K.

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