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23 янв. 2017, 20:1323.01.17


It is so ridiculous the paranoia that people in this game have. The level of paranoia some players have is so great you can't help thinking they are on drugs. Meth Heads come to mind when I witness this. And let me add I only see this behavior happening in Coalitions.

 This being said I think Plarium should alter the game to make it more fun and give these paranoid players something actually to be paranoid about. 

Maybe this part of my rant should actually be moved into the Game Suggestions forum:

Plarium needs to add variety in gameplay and not just adding new levels to the things we already have and are bored with.

Like if an enemy player wants to visit your City they should visit taking along Scouts & Spying** units with them and when taking these units with them this will enable them to have the ability to click on something like the computer generated Armies that you purchase in your Decor, which will drop down a player's list showing what other players have garrisoned in the City. Then you can discover who has what and where they have them.... This game is based on war and spying is a part of war and to Hell with it let's bring paranoia to a new level, and also bring the art of war to new heights! 

And to counteract doing this type of spying, if the City that is being spied upon & if the Player to whom this City belongs to, happens to be on line, then he too can discover if an enemy Player is scoping out his garrisoned troops in his city, he then can pull out his defense and kill the Scouts & Spying units that are in his City. Besides it would take the Spying classification to a whole new level. 

The Spying units are underused as it is and virtually do nothing compared to what you can do with your offense & defence.

This could definitely put a whole new dimension to game play and make it more like a first person battle. 

Kind of like World of Warcraft but NOT!    ha ha!  

**The minimum number of spying units that you would need to take with you should correspond in some way with the number of units that you should be able to ascertain. For example to learn how many Jav's that are in a city you should have 1 scout to 1 Jav ratio because Jav's are lowest in level. But to ascertain the number in other unit types say defensive heavy units you would need Equites etc... and for Veteran units you would need 10 scouts per every Veteran Jav you wanted to discover. Plarium can work those numbers out. It would be a money maker for Plarium if they did this right.... 

I suggest this because I am a player that has been accused of the possibility of being a spy & it is just incredulous to me why or how players even come up with this nonsense. But once this seed is planted in the minds of other coalition mates, it takes off like fire. why are people in this gaming world always quick to think the worst things in others? This to dumbfounds me because I was not raised this way I was raised to believe that there is goodness in everyone no matter what others say, and no one can persuade me into believing anything different. I am far from Angelic but I do not let others sway my opinion in others. ie; potential spies (rolls eyes)  

24 янв. 2017, 09:2924.01.17

Terry, i completely agree with you on the incredible paranoia that is in the servers..

I had a similar situation as you described..

Hope it works out for you !

As to changing game mechanics they will never do that... 

Plarium will scream about the developers own vision again haha
25 янв. 2017, 20:0825.01.17

some history of city would be helpful to see what coals they have been in but its unlikely are they would need more space on their servers unless they put it in the player profile.

lots of spies around forcing outside communication you would think you could actually win something or that others couldn't just buy their status :-)

15 фев. 2017, 17:4715.02.17

drugs are bad,ok  o.O

24 фев. 2017, 08:5824.02.17

Tonaya said:

drugs are bad,ok  o.O

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27 апр. 2020, 07:0627.04.20

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