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So, what does it mean to be an enemy of terminators?

So, what does it mean to be an enemy of terminators?

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17 май 2020, 19:1517.05.20

So, what does it mean to be an enemy of terminators?

Well, I can reveal that so far...not a lot!

You do not get raided or sieged that's for sure....you may get a slightly wimpy 'harsh' message....you may get Rix trying to be a tough man with your boyfriend but then back pedalling like an 'Olympic back pedaller' when he realises he's bitten off more than he can chew....you may get spammed with 100's of fake sieges and ally offers from jojoprem...who by the way will whine like crazy when you do it back....poor lamb!

I am told that many years ago terminators (no capital letter deserved) were one of the biggest coalitions....at what though? Farming, spammimg, being 'all mouth and trousers'?
23 май 2020, 18:0723.05.20

are u serious...? xpected more from riix rtg..why was he made heg of terms..

they didnt even attack ur city..?? 160 warriors and not even one..?? farmers..they only collect...no usage :p
24 май 2020, 19:3824.05.20
25 май 2020, 19:47(отредактировано)

hey there folks!

ignore this player 'Carys FH' who is going all potty mouth on terminators, 

well this player sent a pa to my city today, thats how i remembered this post, well this player is going about here and there seeking to gain some attention, as this player is quite bored.

a simple scenario is that this player is an alt city, taken in alot of defence from his/her friends who are in another coalition, trying to get attention desperately so that someone may be foolish enough to retaliate and lose his/her army, which is possibly one player against a multiple player's defensive units stationed there as a trap.

whereas the terminators go, i understand their situation (probably), they arent attacking this player because, 

This player has made an alt coalition in which he/she is the only member, so that it can be used to do the dirty work and gain pvp by incurring attacks by provoking coalitions and not have those coalitions attack his/her fellow members, and since he/she is the only player in the coalition, other players dont have much choice, so it makes no sense to take the bait and be foolish here. It is a waste of time entertaining such a player, you may aswell save your army for real authentic fights.

Just a normal sh*t stirrer, nobody you should take seriously (as you can see no member of terminators even bothered to reply to this pathetic post of his/her's), we all have seen such players, who can get nowhere in the game by themselves, they just have one work, that is to target coalitions or hegemons who have worked very hard to get their coalition where it is today, and some player like this just comes on the forum disgracing hegemons so easily because those hegemons chose to be wise by not paying attention to the low lifes of sparta.

we have alot more to worry about, like how people are losing shelter, having no food for their families, money to pay off bills during the pandemic, loss of loved ones and alot more things, by God's grace some of us have the free time and are very much safe from what is going on out there, yet some people like to run their mouths on petty little issues and provoke players who possibly are already going thru hard situations, a little kindness during this time wont hurt.

I hope you all stay safe people, God bless you all and keep you safe along your loved ones.


27 май 2020, 07:1327.05.20
7 июль 2020, 12:46(отредактировано)

Well hello Penisher my little munchkin,

I seem to have stirred a big piece of..eh Penisher?

Anyhoo, seems like the one wanting the attention is the one writing War and Peace. Btw, sent you some more 'green'...with love of course Penisher :) You are not related to Prince are you? Just wondering, with all the silly symbols.

Archimede...yes I'm afraid it is all true :( 

As for farminators not 'acknowledging' me...check out P...Rix's city name, he can add not being able to spell to his other accomplishments!


27 май 2020, 07:4327.05.20

thankyou for addressing me as your little munchkin, naughty girl, no flirting in public ;)

oh yes please send some more 'greens', heard they are good for health.

30 май 2020, 20:0830.05.20
7 июль 2020, 12:47(отредактировано)

Oh dear. You can see the way this is going can't you?

I've already had one of his co-al, who I raided, telling me, 'hey beautiful...let's be friends' 

Soooo sad....yet soooo predictable :( 

31 май 2020, 07:2531.05.20
31 май 2020, 07:25(отредактировано)
3 июль 2020, 04:0603.07.20
So Terminators are lovers not fighters? Sounds about right! 
4 июль 2020, 09:4404.07.20
As always, full mouth of courage and hiding behind coalition!
7 июль 2020, 12:4807.07.20

I would like to remind you that you need to stick to the forum rules in here please

I would rather spend my time helping people that editing posts for rules breaches 

many thanks