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The Roman coalition.

The Roman coalition.

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The Roman coalition.

Hello everyone.

After 4 years playing with up and downs, leave and returned back to the game, i build my own coalition. The reason for this decision is that many coalitions are building on statistics and non playing members, or farmers who only collect and don't take part in a event. Therefore we where busy with doing daily stuff only and the game bored a lot this way. The full playing coalitions, and they are in there, have high standards for entering there coalitions, but i respect that. So that's why Roman was born for me.

Who are we:

We are a none bully or aggressive coalition who wants to follow the fair play policy as the way the game was build for. 

Our coalition policy:

Peace meant peace this conclude no attacks on farms, Emporia or city's.

Ally's meant allied no attacks on everything and in case of war back up your ally.

No alts, farmers or cry baby's who don't want too fight or lose troops.

Roman coalition goals:

Well i have some lol. Too grow as a strong, good coalition with fun and friendship. In the future build a strong capital, army and off course pantheons.

What i need:

Well to archive something you need an army agree? so i'm looking for 2 good Polemarches with tactical and planning skills. 1 very good commander too lead the troops into a war if needed, and last but not least a lot of loyal soldiers.

Last words: People respect each other and try to bring back the fun into the game.