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Want to destroy their capital

Want to destroy their capital

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25 янв. 2020, 06:0625.01.20

Want to destroy their capital

Hi there,

I am tired of bigger coalitions that bully the (apparently) smaller ones, and who think they can wipe the floor with them.

I have a lot of offense firepower that I am saving for another bully coalition, but these guys will do just fine too. Not sure if I can wipe out their capital by myself (maybe). So I am asking if anyone wants to team up and put these guys in their place. I am not interested in hitting their cities. If so, please go ahead and message me in game.


25 янв. 2020, 17:0125.01.20
25 янв. 2020, 18:06(отредактировано)

Thanks to those who responded that were willing to share some losses to take these guys out. But, we've reached an understanding and we are backing off from hitting the capital.

This case is closed now.

25 янв. 2020, 21:4725.01.20

Good afternoon to everybody. It is really amazing the amount of inaccuracies, half truths and lies that a person like the one in the photo, can write, without falling ashamed face.

The day of the attack on pantheons, that coalition, that now cries in the corners of this game, shame of Spartans, orchestrated and organized an attack with many of its members against our pantheons. A very dignified coalition, but that is in the 136 of the ranking. A coalition that we did not even know existed. We are not worried about "small fish". I am sorry but it is true. We are not bullies.

Only when they started paying for having attacked us without warning or prior provocation, did they start calling us, abusers. They attacked first, when they receive their own medicine ... they cry. They should be on the side of Jerges. 

This same afternoon, I spent three hours of my time texting with "Jhon Little" know him, that his threats to our capital, which he was going to destroy alone, were unfounded. And finally we have reached an agreement to stop the hostilities between all of us. He withdrew from the surroundings of our capital, and as a gesture of goodwill our Hegemon decided to stop the attacks against all of them.

And at the same time, he was here, begging for help? He says: "I  can only destroy a level 19 capital with 160 warriors", and come here to beg for help?

It is very possible, of course, that our capital can falls, like so many others, but, what I just read here, had not seen it in all my life.

Nevertheless we will respect our agreement and our word, but this coalition and his HEG, should be with Jerges, as a coward and a liar.

26 янв. 2020, 06:5526.01.20
26 янв. 2020, 07:51(отредактировано)

You must understand that we are not trying to justify in detail why we wanted to take down your capital. If we want to take down your capital, then we will. We don't need anybody's approval to do this. I came onto the forum yesterday for one reason only, which was to ask if others will share losses to take down your capital because you (and +/- 15 others in your coalition) are picking on our low level players and we've had enough of that. There are other coalitions that (apparently) will join us in this because they dislike you for exactly the same reasons why we have issues with you. It does not matter what YOU think about this - what matters is what people think that had enough of your bad behaviour. Two of these coalitions were disappointed that we backed off from the attack. You really should take a hint.

We backed off because we reached agreement with your coalition yesterday. This agreement was: You and your coalition will not bombard another low level city of Brotherhood Reborn with 1000s of PAs, in retaliation for that player sending a once-off 2000 Light Infantry attack to your level 1 Pantheon during a Pantheon Tournament to make points. I said to your coalition that you are more than welcome to attack us if we attack you, but what you did was WAY out of line. The player you bombarded is actually a older lady, who understands very little about Sparta, and you killed half of her army just because you could and it suited you. You did not kill half of her army because of the damage you suffered from a 2000 light infantry attack - you made profits from that attack. 

And you are complaining … Dude … you literally called lower level players, 60 levels below you, "candy". Those are your own words! You are asking for a proper, proper a$$ kicking :-)

You must also understand that I don't care what your opinion is on the situation. I am not negotiating. We say to you again, if we see you (a level 135 player) treat a level 70 player of Brotherhood Reborn (Miss Unborn) like candy again, we promise you we will blow you and your coalition out the sky. End of Story. 

After we chatted yesterday, I started liking you. 

This case was closed, so let us keep this closed.