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There once was a not so mighty hero named Armiger. The son of Solaris and Mother Superior, he was, underwhelming to say the least. No matter what he tried, he failed, sometimes almost killing himself or his parents on accident. Swordfighting, failed. Archery, failed. Magic, failed. Jousting, failed. But he kept trying. Over and over again. Failing again and again. Trying to become a mighty hero whose name would be remembered for millennia to come.

One day his parents took him to a fair. At the fair there was some of the greatest hero's in Telaria. Kael, Galek, Apothecary, Vogoth, Deliana, Ninja, Kalvalax. Everyone was there. And it was here that Armiger met someone who would change his life.

 The person in question was called Inithwe Bloodtwin. Inithwe was a great warrior who came from the depths of hell. While Armiger was watching Kalvalax and Teodor the Savant spar, Inithwe heard Armiger say to his parents, "I wish I could fight like that". Inithwe then scared the life out of Armiger and his parents by saying "I could help with that". Solaris spins around and says "Who the bloody hell are you?" Inithwe puts his hands up and says, "Just someone tryna help" Armiger, who was scared at first then asks, "Can you really make me a warrior like Kalvalax?" Inithwe responds by saying "Yes, just without the unhealthy amount of poisons". After some negotiating, Inithwe is given permission to train Armiger. Solaris and Mother Superior say good-bye to Armiger, and tell him to not kill anyone.

For 2 years Inithwe trains Armiger to be a great warrior. Armiger learns the art of making his enemy's stay dead, something Inithwe is very good at. At the 1002nd annual Telarian Trials, the fair where Armiger met Inithwe, Armiger signs up to fight 2 bosses called the Spider and Ice Golem. Armiger's parents are there watching him fight his first boss, the Spider. It was an close fight, but Armiger comes out on top. Next up is the Ice Golem. This fight is way harder, so Armiger picks Kalvalax and Elenaril to help him with the waves. When they get to the boss, Kalvalax accidently provokes a counterattack from the boss, which freezes all but Armiger. Armiger manages to permanantly kill one of the minions, and then the second. After some time, the Ice Golem is killed and Armiger is awarded with the honor of killing the Golem. 

Armiger goes on to become an amazing warrior, and when he is about to die on the eve on the 1102nd Telarian trials, at the age of 120, he is visited by the Arbiter, and joins the immortal hall of hero's, joining Inithwe, who was immortalized by the Arbiter 50 years earlier.

I hope you enjoyed my lore! Feel free to tell me what I could do better next time!

Adios! -Stryker.

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Very interesting story!

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