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Fan Fiction - Section Description and Guidelines

Fan Fiction - Section Description and Guidelines

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Fan Fiction - Section Description and Guidelines

Have you ever felt that a particular Champion prompts an incredible story in your imagination? So what are you waiting for? 😃 Head on to the Fan Fiction section of the Forum and put your creativity to good use! 😉

Many Raiders inspired by Teleria and its Champions would like to write exciting stories about them. If you are eager to share your piece of fan fiction with the Raid community or just want to read what other game lore enthusiasts write, you’ve come to the right place! 

While writing, you can choose whatever subject you like: tell about valiant and wicked Champions and Bosses, their incredible adventures, particular locations or events, mysterious artifacts, or everything at once. There are no limitations on genre either: write action-based adventures, horror tales, funny stories, or tense dialogues that keep readers on their toes. We put no boundaries on your creativity and encourage you to challenge yourself. 

Here are some basic guidelines to stick to so that visiting the section is comfortable for everyone:

  1. Please, be polite to others and the writings they produce. "Writer talent" is actually a skill earned and developed by years of training and experience, but any genuine effort deserves some compliment. If you find a piece of fan fiction you especially enjoy, don't forget to note what you like about it and to encourage the author to write more.
  2. To post your piece of fan fiction, create a new thread. This way, you can make your writing easier to find for others. Do not post your writing in the comments to others' work unless you deliberately want to continue the existing story.
  3. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you want to post a text written by another person, please specify their authorship in the post.
  4. Any piece of writing posted in this section is considered fan fiction and not a part of the official canon lore unless otherwise specified by a representative of the company.
  5. You cannot use any themes, characters, and other entities related to Raid: Shadow Legends to produce any pieces of writing for commercial use. Any such attempt will cause legal repercussions.
  6. Only lore-related discussion is allowed. Please do not write your gameplay-related concerns or suggestions here, as such comments will be deleted without warning.
  7. Do not use fan fiction section to promote any political, religious or other views not directly related to the setting of the game.
  8. Keep the discussion civil. No spam, flood, or off-topic posting is allowed.
  9. Do not insult or humiliate other users, either in fan fiction posts or comments.
  10. Sharing pornographic or erotic material, including messages, links, and images is strictly forbidden, as in other sections of the Forum.

And one last thing, if you decide to write fan fiction - don't be afraid of possible criticism - in fact, getting feedback is the surest way to develop as an author.

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If you love a particular Champion in the game  and have an incredible story in your imagination, head to the Fan Fiction section of the Forum to share your creativity with the Raid community. You can write about various subjects and genres, but remember to be polite, avoid plagiarism, and keep the discussions lore-related. Embrace feedback to grow as an author and enjoy the creative journey! 😃

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Fan fiction is a great way to get started with writing, because a lot of the work has been done for you. Characters, settings and plots are already there to be customised, changed and adapted. The possibilities are endless.  Have fun! 

5 июнь 2024, 09:3605.06.24

Wow, this is great! The Fan Fiction section sounds like a fantastic place for creativity and storytelling. It's inspiring to see such support for writers, much like how VC firms in Pakistan  support innovative startups. Encouraging feedback and a welcoming community really help budding authors develop their skills.

6 июнь 2024, 07:1506.06.24

Wow, this Fan Fiction section is amazing! It's such a cool opportunity for Raid enthusiasts like Faisal Aftab  to unleash their creativity and dive deeper into Teleria's lore. With these guidelines, it's sure to be a supportive and inspiring community for writers of all levels. Time to craft some epic tales!

7 июнь 2024, 16:3307.06.24

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