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The Detective Kimi Files I - "Only Witness"

The Detective Kimi Files I - "Only Witness"

2 окт. 2022, 18:3302.10.22

The Detective Kimi Files I - "Only Witness"

Detective Kimi is a sharp eyed investigator in a town brimming with supernatural criminals. 

This series ignores lore, but leans heavily on game characters and their skills to create an enticing whodunnit-experience in just 300 words. 

I had created 5 Detective Kimi stories for the contest, and wrote one more for fun since. Depending on feedback, I might write more... maybe even a new one every CvC. 

I think this first story serves best to introduce the main characters. 

Have fun reading!

Only Witness

Everyone had suspected that Scabrius was a rat. 

But no one had known that he had secretly made a deal with the attourney general to testify against Skartosis himself - or so the police had thought. 

Officer Hakkorn had only lost sight of him for a second as he scurried ahead during his daily walk in the park. 

Now he had three arrows sticking out his chest. 

Kimi was leading a woman with red, braided hair - still trembling - into the interrogation room - the only witness. 

As she sat down, Sachi nodded towards her shoes - spikes were showing as her long gown lifted. Attack boots in a park? 

“So what should I call you?”

The woman answered weakly: “Witness is fine.”

Kimi gave her a warm smile: “I understand, no one can force you to put yourself or your loved ones in danger. Just give me your testimony and you’re free to go.”

Sachi gave her a hostile look - Kimi thought she played the bad cop as well as someone can who’s mouth is covered by a piece of cloth…

Witness took a deep breath: “I was jogging along my usual route… suddenly, this rat-man ran towards me - something hit him out of nowhere, threw him on his back. That’s all I know…”

“I think we’re done here - ” leaning over to Witness, Kimi got nonchalant: “Have you ever seen such weird mutations? The three rats melded with his left shoulder…”

“…and their tails hanging down his back! What a freak!”

Kimi smiled triumphantly. 

“Let the record show that Witness displayed knowledge of the victim’s backside, while claiming to have only seen him lying on his back!”

Sachi nodded. 

“Officer!” Hakkorn stomped into the room. “Take that woman into custody. There never was a murderer for us to catch - only Witness…”

11 окт. 2022, 00:2311.10.22

This was  a fun read, thanks.