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Mother Cybele

Mother Cybele

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Mother Cybele


At the heart of the vile Knights Revenant Cult lies the belief that true immortality can only be achieved by providing the spirit of the deceased with new mortal hosts to possess and control. Their initiates readily surrender their bodies to the Elders of the Cult, whose souls are held in limbo by dark magics until a suitable vessel can be found. Few of these madmen are fortunate enough to be granted the same courtesy in the future.

But specters of the long-dead evildoers are a force of corruption onto themselves, baleful to anything mortal. Guiding them into a body to overtake it and replace the host’s living soul without ruining the vessel is a task only an exceptionally skilled warlock can hope to accomplish. It is a craft they guard jealously, as the cutthroat nature of the Cult would ensure any apprentice who had mastered it would gladly dispose of their mentor. Therefore, many of the Soul Shepherds - as these warlocks are known - go to great lengths to extend their lifespan and build contingency plans to transfer their essence to new bodies, should disaster befall them.

Among them, few are as old or as powerful as Mother Cybele. For centuries, she had lingered in the shadow, honing her dark mastery and serving as an advisor to the Cult’s Inner Circle. It was by her hand that many of the most infamous Knight Revenant warriors were brought back into the world and set loose against the forces of Lumaya. She is like a spider at the center of the web, tugging at the threads without being seen unless she so wishes. Her name is spoken in hushed whispers, full of reverence and fear, yet none know Cybele’s true identity or how she had survived for so long.

Some believe she is a withered crone beneath that crimson mask, a walking corpse held by the force of her malice and will. Others maintain that Cybele learned the true secrets of immortality and conceals her youthful face, lest the members of the Inner Circle realize and seek to pry the knowledge from her. Whatever the case may be, those who foolishly spread such rumors tend to disappear without a trace. The wiser initiates merely assume Mother Cybele has a pact with her fellow Soul Shepherds and receives a fresh supply of mortal vessels ahead of the less privileged members of the Cult.

Now, the Dark One’s plans are in motion, and the Knights Revenant flock to the Hallowed Halls to play their part. Cohorts of thralls, fanatical sectarians, and villainous warriors of yore - now given form and allowed to walk Teleria again - stand ready to hail the arrival of Demonspawn armies. Yet Mother Cybele appears to be in no rush to answer the summons. She faded into the darkness once more soon after Bad-el-Kazar arrived to the Cult’s bastion in the Stormwind Wastelands. Who can tell whether she is working to enact the Necromancer’s apocalyptic designs elsewhere or if the time is nigh for her to break free and follow her own agenda?