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A mage of impressive innate power and talent, Yannica may very well be a personification of numerous expectations that younger races have of her people - both the good and the bad. She is incredibly intelligent without a doubt, a master of many arcane arts. Her counsel is never given without consideration or understanding of the subject. She is, however, gratingly arrogant and self-righteous. The condescending smirk that so often finds its way to Yannica’s noble features has been the bane of many an ally.

As a young apprentice, Yannica was obsessed with learning spells that fell outside the arsenal of run-of-the-mill wizards. Setting foes on fire or turning them to ice? Effective, certainly, but boring in her eyes. Instead, Yannica sought arcana that would allow her to siphon the strength of her targets and bolster her allies in some form.

Her true breakthrough was deciphering ancient writings that she inherited from her tutor and using the knowledge concealed within to perfect her own rendition of the spell of the Veil. Its first actual application was a resounding success as well.

When accompanying an older Magister on an expedition to uncover Artifacts in the crypts far north of the Aravian capital, Yannica found herself and her allies beset and nearly overwhelmed by the undead. Risking a half-tested spell, she managed to disappear from the enemy’s sight with a dramatic explosion of mist. Even the halfwit ghouls were thrown into confused disarray by the display. And before they, or Yannica’s own party, were any the wiser, she rushed into a position of vantage. From there, she unleashed a spell that had slain numerous undead, while others were left weakened for her allies to finish off.

Thus the lives of many scholars and accompanying guards were saved. And although the expedition did not recover anything truly extraordinary that time, Yannica’s quick wit and decisive actions ensured her reputation among her peers was solidified from thereon. 

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Following my other 2 Lore stories that i have created for Deliana and Stout Axeman. I've decided to make one for another elven character that peeked my interest. Yannica. The lore that was given to her in game sounded... Unenthusiastic.

And so i've taken it upon myself to create a proper story for her. In this one i have tried to stay true to the source material i have already established with Deliana's story but it is not required to read her story to know what is happening now. Enjoy the story:

To the East of the Aravian Empire, along the Coast of Valdermar Strait, lies the shining City-kingdom of Tal'anar. Known for its tall Golden towers adorned with Magical anomalies dancing around the towers' peaks. It is believed that this city is the birth place of the elven race. As such the city is house to many noble families who trace their lineage to the primordial beings who lived at the age of Gods and were graced with eternal life and wisdom for their loyalty and devotion.

Amongst these noble families, the Sunchasers are one of the most ancient houses that were probably established before Aravia was a unified kingdom. Their first patriarch, Lord Thalasius Sunchaser, is believed to have been one of the 12 nobles known as the first binders, those who aided the first elven King with his conquest of Aravia and subsequently aiding him in binding the power of sunlight into an ever burning fountain of pure primordial fire that had fueled the birth of the Elven Empire.

In the recent years, the Family have established close ties to the royal bloodline of Aravia and High Queen Eva. And as such the Current Patriarch of the family, Lord Tarenar Sunchaser, had been able to secure the title of Grand Justiciar for one of his Daughters, Lady Yannica the all-knowing. Grand Justiciars are the top Judicial authorities of the empire and can prosecute Nobles and kings alike and even challenge a royal decree should the High King or Queen lose their ability to run the empire.

Eversince birth, Yannica showed great interest politics. Second only to her ambitions as a mage. Her mastery of the Arcane was nothing short of the legends about her family's noble heritage. Her mastery of the basic arcane granted her the power to manipulate matter and turn her physical form translucent, while her mastery over the arcane fire, granted her the power to summon flaming meteorites and crash them down on her foes. However the life as a politician was, what was expected of her and so she turned her attention into politics.

During her tenure as a Grand Justiciar, she was considered a ruthless and cruel judge. Mostly despised but also feared by her subjects and peers alike. But it was her cruel and ambitious nature that got the attention of the High Queen. In the recent years the High Queen exhibited a behavior that was Quite opposite of her usual kind, calm and just personality and the reason for her unbecoming conduct had become a mystery for the nobles of the Aravian Capital. And as such she surrounded herself with questionable characters.

But then, a few months later, a small uprising in the west had quickly turned into a bloody civil war. Led by Queen Deliana of the Kingdom of Thalamar. It turned the once peaceful empire into a fully militarized warzone. And had seemingly forced the High Queen's hand into assembling the Golden army and meet the Armies of Thalamar in battle. But then, during a meeting with a delegation of the Kings and nobles of Aravia, it came to light that the High Queen herself had been keeping a secret, that in her lust for a power greater than what she already held, she had entered a pact with the demons of the abyss and infused herself with demonic powers to such a degree that she took on a most terrible form that sent the diplomats running away from the castle.

During this turmoil at the capital, Lady Yannica had seized the opportunity to denounce the High Queen and use her power as the Grand Magistrate to demand from the high council an end to The High Queen's reign. Left with no choice but to side with the highest figure of the authority at the capital, Yannica and her fellow Grand Justiciars had been appointed by the High Council as the temporary guardians of the Empire and this decision had Quickly turned the Capital into a battlefield.

but then, Yannica had used this opportunity to force her peers to give her the ultimate control over the capital by announcing her as the temporary Prefect of the Empire. However she met with opposition by those who deemed her bold attempt at seizing power for herself treasonous. And Yannica had held no remorse in proving them right by first denouncing them as the supporters of the High Queen's evil plot to give the Elven empire to her demonic masters, and then proceed to gather those who were loyal to her and launch an assault into the Justiciars Palace and murder any who would resist her demands.

Following the brutal display of savagery by Yannica and her loyalists, the city's different political factions had fallen pray to the same fate and began to crumble from within in attempts to seize power for themselves. in the meantime the the Kings of the Elven City-kingdoms who were received first hand account of the Queen's Demonic transformation had quickly deserted the empire and sided with the Kingdom of Thalamor and joined Queen Deliana in her Siege of the Capital.

At this point, Yannica had sent couriers to her father in the east to muster their family's forces and join her in taking over the capital. Meanwhile, inside the city. Yannica had taken over the Justiciars Council and is now poised to attack the royal castle and take it over Before other factions could.