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Frozen Banshee

Frozen Banshee

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Frozen Banshee


Most folk of Teleria view banshees as heralds of inevitable doom, and they do so with good reason. Universally female, these revenants are known for haunting mortals and driving them insane with blood-chilling shrieks or keening that, sometimes, shatter steel as if it were mere glass. Some even seek to actively harm the living with foul magic or blighted weapons, each victim dragged to the grave only fanning the banshee’s bloodlust further.

Whether the Banshee in service of Wurlim Frostking was one such spirit before or if she is a mortal warrior felled in one of the many wars that were waged in the Winterlands is unknown. But she is unlike what most Undead hunters would expect; rather than withered or ethereal in nature, the Frozen Banshee’s body remains untouched by the rot of Undeath. Yet it is covered in ice and rime, as if she had lain beneath a glacier for hundreds of years, preserved in her ghostly beauty.

This same magic appears to be hers to command, for each strike of her spear brings with it the cold certainty of death. Even those who do not fall find themselves weakened, made vulnerable even as the Banshee’s own allies grow stronger.