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Faction Lore - Dwarves

Faction Lore - Dwarves

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Faction Lore - Dwarves


Deep beneath the unforgiving mountains of Teleria, a war has raged, hidden from the eyes of the surface races. Driven by their greed for wealth and ancient secrets, the minions of Siroth surged through mountain passes and into near-forgotten tunnels, to reach the Dwarven Kingdom that lay hidden within.

The surprise and brutality of the attack saw the outer holdings quickly overrun, but the Children of the Stone answered swiftly. The next wave of invaders, and every one that followed after, crashed against stalwart Dwarven battalions. Demons, undead, and dark-hearted mortals - all fell before hammer and axe. 

After months of war and the loss of too many Dwarven lives, the forces of darkness were driven from the mountains. But Dwarves do not suffer tragedy lightly. Now they prepare to march on the surface to take back, in blood and gold, what is rightfully theirs.