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Ankora's Fragment Event

Ankora's Fragment Event

We're running a new series of Events and Tournaments where you can earn Fragments to summon a powerful new Legendary Champion from the Knights Revenant Faction - Wight Queen Ankora!


Wight Queen Ankora

Rarity: Legendary

Type: Support

Affinity: Magic

Faction: Knights Revenant

To get Wight Queen Ankora, participate in Events and Tournaments and collect Fragments from the following places:


  • Summon Rush Event (February 9-12) - 15 Fragments
  • Hero's Path (February 15-19) - 15 Fragments

*Hero's Path activities: Train Champions + Get Artifacts and Accessories 

  • Dungeon Divers Event I (February 9-12) - 5 Fragments
  • Dungeon Divers Event II (February 12-15) - 5 Fragments
  • Artifact Enhancement Event I (February 11-13) - 5 Fragments
  • Artifact Enhancement Event II (February 14-17) - 5 Fragments
  • Artifact Enhancement Event III (February 18-21) - 5 Fragments


  • Champion Chase Tournament (February 16-19) - 15 Fragments (+10)
  • Champion Training Tournament (February 10-13) - 10 Fragments (+10)
  • Spider Tournament (February 11-14) - 5 Fragments
  • Dragon Tournament (February 15-18) - 5 Fragments
  • Ice Golem Tournament (February 18-21) - 5 Fragments
  • Fire Knight Tournament (February 8-11) - 5 Fragments
  • Classic Arena Takedown I (February 8-11) - 5 Fragments
  • Classic Arena Takedown II (February 17-20) - 5 Fragments

For this Fragment Event, the Champion Training Tournament and Champion Chase Tournament will award 5 extra Fragments to players who finish in either 1st or 2nd place on the Leaderboard. If the player that finishes 1st in the Champion Training Tournament is Level 41 and above, they will receive 10 extra Fragments instead. If the player that finishes 1st in the Champion Chase Tournament is Level 31 and above, they will also receive 10 extra Fragments instead.

Players can earn up to a total of 130 Champion Fragments if they can top the Leaderboards, so you can choose which Events and Tournaments to take part in.

Note: Events and Tournaments start and finish for everyone at the same in-game time. Make sure you plan accordingly - check the Events or Tournaments window to see exactly what time an event ends in your local timezone.

Also, we're launching the Ankora Summon Pack in the Shop to help you start your event progress right!

Good luck, and happy raiding!

8 фев. 2024, 10:5508.02.24
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8 фев. 2024, 14:3708.02.24

Will the Heroes Path will be a Training Event for the Archer?

19 фев. 2024, 18:0119.02.24

I wish Plarium had a path for those of us that work to compete  for these great events without spending $250-500 because speaking for myself, I quite enjoy progression without purchasing, yet each time work/sleep/life ends participation in these fragment events at 80-90 fragments

21 фев. 2024, 03:2621.02.24

Yes. I busted my butt to get the fragments, got 95 and now no more opportunities to get in tourbney or event.. BAH!