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<Primal Instinct> Recruiting like minded members!

<Primal Instinct> Recruiting like minded members!

19 сент. 2023, 04:3019.09.23

<Primal Instinct> Recruiting like minded members!

As the title says <Primal Instinct> is recruiting like minded players. We started as a group of friends over 3 years ago and have been going strong ever since. We have a very active discord with lots of group team building chatter! If you are seeking a clan with ~80% win rate in cvc and 100% win rate in hydra clash then this is the clan for you!!


 - At minimum 100k cvc points per event - this is nonnegotiable unless you give warning about being absent.

 - Clan Quests work as follows:

  • Day 1 - You may pick 1 Elite + 1 Expert + 1 Easy Quest
  • Day 2 - You may pick another 1 Elite quest + 1 Expert Quest + 1 Easy Quest
  • Day 3  - You may select any remaining quests

 - You are required to join the discord

As mentioned we have quite high win rates in all aspects of the game. We are a very knowledgable community seeking like minded players who push the limits of their accounts. We help with hydra team building and other parts of the game. 

If this seems of interest to you add Squidzee on Discord to discuss recruitment!