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Looking for a place to call home

Looking for a place to call home

30 июль 2023, 21:0430.07.23

Looking for a place to call home

I am a 8 mil account that can end chest UNM and NM CB daily as well as end chest Normal Hydra / my wife is a 2.5 mil account that does NM CB daily and hit/miss end chest on Hydra rotation Normal

We want to find a clan that does  not require  more than 50K for CVC (even though we both do much more pts)

non discord as I do not / but my wife does

and a clan that does  not vulgar  clan chat in game/ as we tend to not do that kind  of chat :/

we both play daily

30 июль 2023, 23:5930.07.23

I saw your post the clan i'm in has 1 spot open right now but I'm one of the mods and I can make room for your wife as well, If your interested the Clan name is Shinrinyoku most of us are working adults and we are a CASUAL clan we down NM clan boss and normal hydra pretty regularly.

requirements are low key

1. Be active

2. Do Clan Boss Attacks

3. Attempt Clan Quests

4. Do 5K in CVC

we do have discord for easier communication but we Don't require it if this sounds interesting to you please check us out if you need me to make more room for your wife or have any questions please let me know.

31 июль 2023, 23:4931.07.23

Do you have any Problems to be in a german clan? We have daily UNM and NM, an Hydra normal, and most times Hydra hard. We have only 3 little rules...

say, when you cant be on for some days

only choose one elite clan quest on tuesday

and give, what you can on CvC

when you are interested, answer here, or ingame Isildurs Erben 



11 сент. 2023, 20:1611.09.23

Hello Dear(s)

I'd love to have you both, stress free clan no requirements, I play like crazy every day but just started to add members.  Clan Sorceress <Cery> will welcome you with open arms :)  All the best, Sorcy

13 сент. 2023, 18:4213.09.23


If you are still searching for a clan, I believe we have a great place that meets your requirements :)