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Relic Keeper Fusion Mission Not Completing

Relic Keeper Fusion Mission Not Completing

4 авг. 2019, 06:0104.08.19

Relic Keeper Fusion Mission Not Completing

Title: Relic keeper Mission not completing.

Device: iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

OS: both running most curent 

WTR (way to reproduce an issue):

Step 1: Go collect the 4 characters req, to do the fusion level them to 30.  Upgrade their rank to 4 star,  level characters to 40.  Asend them all to max.  

Step 2: select the fusion tab in the poral and go through the selection process. 

Step 3: Click fuse Relic Keeper

Step 4:  Check to see if relic Keeper is in inventory.  


I have now did the mission twice in the last few weeks.  you can read the in game tech support's response in my account.  I then deleted my other relic keepers thinking the game must be confused.  went through the process again and fused a new relic keeper.  he fused just fine and is in my inventory.  I'm just not getting credit for completing the mission.  please help, I have lost several weeks progress over this and really don't want to have to colect all of the stuff again.  I have wasted so many resources already on it.  Any questions, please feel free to ask, I want to resolve this as soon as possible and offer any help I can.  thanks in advance.

6 авг. 2019, 03:0406.08.19
6 авг. 2019, 03:04(отредактировано)
How do I get tech support to reply and fix an issue?  Am I posting in the wrong section?  The in game support gave me a generated response and they don’t seem to look at these.
17 май 2024, 23:1617.05.24

I am having the same issue on Android and computer

18 май 2024, 06:4418.05.24

I am having the same issue on Android and computer

There aren't any known bugs with Relic Keeper currently so I'm a bit curious. What issues are you facing? Did you fuse him but aren't getting credit for it?