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Guide: Doom Tower

Guide: Doom Tower

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 12:0511.08.21

Guide: Doom Tower

Doom Tower


The Doom Tower is a monthly challenge to climb to the top of the Tower, beating 120 increasingly challenging Floors and beating 12 tough Bosses along the way (and a bunch of optional Secret Rooms!).



  • 30-Day Time Limit: The Doom Tower works in 30-day periods. You'll have 30 Days to reach the top and earn your Rewards - after which, the Doom Tower resets and you can start the climb again for another pile of Rewards.
  • Multiple Rotations: After each reset, the Tower Changes and a new Rotation opens. The Bosses and the enemies you'll face on each Floor will change, along with the special Rules you'll have to face in each Secret Room.
  • Two Difficulties: The Doom Tower has two difficulties: Normal and Hard. Both are open at the same time, and you can choose whichever difficulty you want to start the climb on - or even switch things up and jump back and forth between the two.
  • Rewards: There are two main types of rewards:
    • Completion Rewards: You'll get these from each Floor once per Rotation - when you first beat a Floor or Secret Room. Beat every Floor in the Tower to win everything on offer.
    • Farming Rewards: Only Boss Floors have Farming Rewards. Once you've beaten a Boss Floor once, you can re-enter the Floor and farm them using Silver Keys to win as much as you want. Hit the "Reward Info" Icon on the Doom Tower Map to see which rewards are available from each Boss Floor. Note: You'll only see which Farming Drops are available after you beat a Floor for the first time.
  • Keys: There are two types of Keys in the Doom Tower: Gold and Silver. Gold Keys are used to clear a Floor (including Boss Floors) for the first time. Silver Keys are used to beat Secret Rooms and to farm Boss Floors for rewards after you've beaten them once. You will get 10 Gold Keys and 10 Silver Keys every day, which you can use however you please across either Normal or Hard difficulty. Reset is at 00:00 UTC every day, at which point you'll have 10 of each Key again to start your day.


The Doom Tower consists of 120 Floors. To reach the top of the Tower, you'll need to beat each Floor one-by-one in ascending order.

  • Farming Rewards: Only Boss Floors have Farming Rewards. Once you've beaten a Boss Floor once, you can re-enter the Floor and farm them using Silver Keys to win as much as you want. Hit the "Reward Info" Icon on the Doom Tower Map to see which rewards are available from each Boss Floor. Note: You'll only see which Farming Drops are available after you beat a Floor for the first time.

You'll only receive Completion Rewards the first time you beat a Floor on any given Rotation. After that, you can re-enter a Floor as many times as you want (and it won't cost you any Keys), but there will be no further rewards for repeatedly clearing a Floor.

Boss Floors

Every 10th Floor, you'll be challenged with a Boss Floor. At the moment, there are four Doom Tower Bosses: Nether Spider, Scarab King, Magma Dragon, and Frost Spider.

Like normal Floors, you'll need Gold Keys to enter a Boss Floor and beat it for the first time. You'll receive a Completion Reward for beating the Boss for the first time, but Boss Floors also have more rewards on offer. After you've beaten a Boss once, you can use Silver Keys to re-enter the Boss Floor as many times as you want to win special Farming Rewards.

Farming Boss Floors will reward you with unique Forge Materials - Nether Eggs, Scarab Claws, Magma Cores, or Frost Spines - which can be used to craft the following Artifact Sets at the Forge:

  • Fatal (2 Set: ATK +15%. C. RATE +5%)
  • Untouchable (4 Set: Immunity for 2 turns. Res +40.)
  • Affinitybreaker (4 Set: C. DMG +30%. 20% chance to change weak hit into critical hit)
  • Frostbite (2 Set: 15% chance to block Freeze debuffs. 10% chance to place Freeze debuff for 1 turn on attacker)

These Artifact Sets can only be crafted with Materials earned in the Doom Tower, and are exclusively available at the Forge.

You will only be able to see the Farming Drops for each Boss after you've already beaten the Floor once. Hit "Reward Info" on the Tower Map to see what's available.


Secret Rooms

Secret Rooms are completely optional challenges and don't need to be completed to progress and climb the Tower.

It costs one Silver Key to enter a Secret Room, but just like in the rest of the Tower, you won't actually lose that key if you fail to beat the Secret Room.

There are 12 Secret Rooms on each difficulty, and they'll be unlocked one-by-one as you climb the Tower and clear Floors as usual. Unlike normal Tower Floors, Secret Rooms can be completed in any order once unlocked - meaning you can skip a Room and come back to it later if you need to.

Secret Rooms are different from other areas in the Tower in that they require you to follow special Rules to complete them - like only using Rare Champions, or only using Skinwalkers.


Once unlocked, you'll be able to complete them at any time during that rotation of the Doom Tower - but after the Tower resets, you'll have to climb up the Tower to unlock them again.

Beating Secret Rooms will earn you special Rewards - such as Champion Fragments for an exclusive group of Champions.

These Champions will only be attainable by collecting Fragments from Secret Rooms, and their Fragments will be awarded from Secret Rooms in a predefined order. You'll need to collect all the Fragments from the first Champion on a given difficulty before moving onto the second, and so on.


The following Champion Fragments will be awarded from Secret Rooms in the order given:

Normal Difficulty

  1. Archmage Hellmut
  2. Akoth the Seared
  3. Rian the Conjurer
  4. Dark Kael
  5. Gwynneth
  6. Taya

Hard Difficulty

  1. Thea the Tomb Angel
  2. Urost the Soulcage
  3. Gomlok Skyhide
  4. Varl the Destroyer
  5. Ba Satha
  6. Vasal of the Seal

You'll only receive rewards for beating a Secret Room once on each Rotation. And just like with normal Floors, you can re-enter to fine-tune your teams and try to find the fastest team possible - but it won't cost you any Keys, and you won't get any more Rewards from the Room itself.


Players are ranked according to how many Turns it takes them to clear all available Floors and Secret Rooms. The overall Rankings are calculated by summing up the total number of Turns each player has taken across the entire Tower. Each player can improve their rank by re-running Floors and Secret Rooms.

This means that even though there are no Farming Rewards available for re-running normal Tower Floors or Secret Rooms, you can still fine-tune and perfect your team to see how you stack up against other players and climb the Rankings.

Each difficulty has its own separate Rankings, and there are two types of Rankings in the Doom Tower: Global, which ranks the performance of everyone in Teleria; and Clan, which ranks the performance of everyone in your Clan.


The number of Turns you've taken will be counted after your first successful battle in the Tower, but you will only appear in the Rankings after you clear Floor 10.

You can review the fastest players and their teams on any individual Floor or Room by tapping the "Best Teams" icon in the Team Selection window. You can see the current Rankings at any time by tapping "Rankings" on the Tower Map, and the final standings will be shown to everyone when the Doom Tower resets.

Boss Skills



















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any way to get info on the round 2-3 bosses like dark fae or dreadhorn or eternal dragon

22 янв. 2024, 13:5822.01.24

Would advise players to save teams that helped them beat bosses every rotation and tweak them occasionally  

utilize ftp champs like Scyl, Visix, Drexthar, Artak, Sun Wukong

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This is a great breakdown of the Doom Tower, covering the basics, format, floors, and boss floors. It's clear, concise, and informative, giving players a good understanding of what to expect.