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Basic Guide: Referral Program

Basic Guide: Referral Program

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 10:3811.08.21

Basic Guide: Referral Program

Referral Program



The Referral Program lets you invite your friends to play Raid with you. When they install the game via your invite, both of you receive in-game Rewards. And as they play and level up in-game, you win even more Rewards!

Inviting & Referring Friends

To invite your friends to come play Raid, all you need to do is grab your personal Referral link. You send this to your friends, they follow that link to install Raid, and you both get rewards as soon as they install the game. Simple!


Receiving Rewards

Your Rewards

The first 3 players that join Raid through your personal link will be added to your Referred Players list.

Then, as your friends play Raid and level up, you will also receive extra Rewards as they reach certain Level Milestones – and once you have 3 Referred Players that reach Level 50, you’ll get another Reward!

Note that only new users with unique devices can participate in the Referral Program. That is, your friends need to not have registered or used an account on their devices before.

Your Friends’ Rewards

Players who install the game will receive a special Reward to help them get started as soon as they finish the tutorial. If they can’t find it, tell them to open the Referral Program window to claim it!

Note: This applies to all players who join through your link. Even if you’ve completed the Referral Program, anyone who joins through your link will still get a special Reward as soon as they complete the tutorial.

Managing Your Referred Players List

You can invite as many players as you like, but you only have 3 spots on your Referred Players list. Those spots will be taken by the first 3 players that join via your link.


What if a Referred Player stops playing?

If a player in your Referred Players list stops playing Raid and stops levelling up, you can remove them from your list and invite a new player to take their place.

This lets you earn Rewards that another player failed to earn, but you won’t receive the same Reward multiple times. All Referral Rewards are one-time only, meaning you won’t receive the same Reward twice if a referred player has already earned it. You’ll only start receiving Rewards once a newly invited player meets the requirements for new Rewards.

If you have multiple spots open in your Referred Players list and a new player joins via your link, they’ll be placed in the slot with the lowest number of earned Rewards. 

15 авг. 2021, 06:2615.08.21

my referral sets need to be reset so i can invite a friend. all it keeps saying when i press it, is copied to clipboard/

12 сент. 2021, 11:2912.09.21

Didnt work, referred my friend twice and nothing showed up

14 окт. 2021, 08:2614.10.21

EWfweal always attaches to my Clipboard too for last 5 times tryimg to Invite my friends'.

14 окт. 2021, 08:2714.10.21

*Refferal for above...

13 нояб. 2021, 14:1413.11.21

thanks a lot