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Guide: Clans

Guide: Clans

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Guide: Clans



Clans are organized groups that allow players to strategize, help and support each other, and work together to achieve common goals.

In Raid, Clans give players access to special Clan-only features – such as the Clan Boss, the Clan Shop, and Clan Quests – as well as powerful Benefits like extra Multi-Battle attempts and bonus Campaign Silver.

Tapping Clans on your Bastion screen brings up a list of all existing Clans and gives players the opportunity to either join one or create their own.


Joining a Clan

From the Clans window, players can

  • Join a Clan immediately by tapping Join
  • Send an application to join an Invite-only Clan
  • View and accept invitations to join Clans
  • View Clan Rankings

Players can search for a specific Clan by entering its Name or Tag in the Search box.

You can also use Clan Search option to filter and sort available Clans and narrow down your options.


If you just want to find a Clan quickly, hit Quick-Join to join a random Clan in your language without spending time searching.

The Clans window also displays a Clan's Position in the Rankings, the number of people in the Clan, Clan Power, Clan Points, Clan Level, and Clan Activity Stars.


Clan Level

A Clan earns Clan XP and levels up as Members complete Clan activities - such as Clan Quests and Clan Achievements.

All Clans start at Level 1, and can advance all the way up to Level 20.

Levelling up a Clan improves the Clan Benefits its members receive.

You’ll see your Clan’s current level in the Clan Info tab, along with the progress bar that shows you how much XP your Clan needs to reach the next Level.


Clan Benefits

Clan Members receive Benefits based on their Clan's Level:

  • Extra Campaign Silver. This increases the amount of Silver each member gets from farming Campaign stages. This Bonus is upgraded instantly after the Clan gains a Level.
  • Extra Multi-Battles in Dungeons and the Campaign. Additional Multi-Battles will only appear after the next time Multi-Battles are refreshed.
  • Increased Number of Clan Shop Slots. This unlocks access to additional Items in the Clan Shop. New Slots are available instantly after the Clan gains a level.
  • Increased Number of Clan Quests per week. The new Quests will only appear after the next time Clan Quests refresh.

Clan Quests

Every week, your Clan will get a number of special missions to complete.

They come in three levels of difficulty: Basic, Expert, and Elite. Elite only unlocks at Clan Level 5, but Basic and Expert Clan Quests are available right away.


Once a Clan Member takes a Quest, no one else can attempt that Quest that week. Coordinate with your Clan Members, and only grab the Quests you know you can complete.

Clan Quests refresh every Tuesday at 08:00 UTC.

Each Clan Member can only take up to 3 Clan Quests per week, and progress for all Quests is tracked simultaneously. The Clan Quests tab will show a player’s name and avatar next to any Quests they’ve taken.

The higher your Clan's Level, the more Quests it will be given every week. Quests on offer will be spread evenly between Basic, Expert, and (once unlocked) Elite levels of difficulty.

Every 30 Clan Quests your Clan completes will earn the Clan some Clan XP. You'll also get Clan Gold for completing each Quest, which can be spent in the Clan Shop.


Clan Shop

The Clan Shop is where Clan Members can exchange Clan Gold for items. The Clan Shop starts with 4 item Slots, but expands all the way up to 12 Slots total. Each Slot has its own pool of Items, and every week, each slot will roll something new.


The Clan Shop refreshes almost at the same time as Clan Quests (there may be a slight delay). The content of all Clan Shops in all Clans is the same. Higher Level Clans simply have greater access to the items rolled that week.

There’s a limit to how many times an item can be purchased every week, but all purchases are made on a player-by-player basis - another player getting an item won't count against your limit.

Clan Gold can be obtained primarily from Clan Quests.

Clan vs Clan Tournaments

These are Tournaments where entire Clans compete to prove their dominance and earn powerful rewards.

Completing activities earns Points. Some activities grant double Points during a Tournament, though which activities those are will switch depending on the Tournament.


Accumulating enough Points will earn you rewards, which can include Clan XP.

At the end of the Tournament, both Clans can receive rewards. The winning Clan will receive more rewards - the greater the Point difference between the winning Clan and the losing Clan, the more rewards the winners receive and the fewer rewards the losers receive.


Clan Achievements

Clan Achievements are special challenges that all Clan Members must work on together to achieve. Each Clan Achievement earned counts towards their Clan Points and greatly influences their position in the Rankings.


Clan Achievements also grant Clan XP once completed.

Clan Boss

The Clan Boss is the Demon Lord – a special Boss available only to Clan Members.

The Clan Boss works differently to all other Bosses, in that it can be beaten through the cooperative efforts of all Clan Members.

Attacking the Clan Boss is the primary way of winning extremely valuable Clan Chests. Clan Chests contain randomized rewards, but are the only way of winning Cruel and Immortal Artifact Sets.

Clan Boss Keys are required to fight against the Clan Boss. Players are given one Clan Boss Key every 6 hours, but extra Keys can be purchased from the Shop.


Clan Bosses cannot be defeated in a single fight. Each Clan Member’s attacks wear down the Demon Lord’s HP, with each subsequent attack picking up where the previous one left off.


The Clan Boss resets at 10:00 UTC every day.

The amount of damage each individual Clan Member is able to deal in that day influences which Clan Chest they will receive as their reward.


Players can only fight the Demon Lord on higher difficulties to win better, more valuable Clan Chests.

Clan Activity Rewards

Clan Members can earn Clan Chests and win rewards by staying active and completing daily activities and challenges.

Each Member’s contribution to a Clan’s Activity reward is indicated by the number of Stars next to their name in the Members list.


Activity Tasks

To earn their first Star, Clan Members need to simply Check In every day with their Clan Leader. To do this, open the Members tab and hit Check In near your name in the Members List.


To earn the second Star, players must:

  • Play for 30 minutes
  • Battle the Clan Boss
  • Fight in the Dungeon or in Campaign Battles 10 times (or a mix of both)
  • Fight in the Arena 6 times

To earn the third Star, players must:

  • Play for 90 minutes
  • Battle the Clan Boss 2 times
  • Fight in the Dungeon or in Campaign Battles 20 times (or a mix of both)
  • Fight in the Arena 12 times

Each Member can earn up to 3 Stars every day to contribute to their Clan’s Activity progress.

Once a Clan reaches 90 Stars, every Clan Member will win a Clan Chest. This Clan Chest can be of any rarity, and the items it contains are randomized.


Clan Activity progress is counted over multiple days, and won’t reset to zero until a Clan earns 90 Stars and wins their reward. If a Clan has earned all 90 Stars, the counter will reset at 10:00 UTC, and Clans will be able to start again. Any surplus Stars earned over the 90 required will still be counted after the reset. For example, if a Clan has earned 97 Stars, they will have 7 Stars on the counter after the reset.

Clan Activity tasks are reset for each Clan Member at 10:00 UTC every day, meaning each Member can earn more Stars over multiple days – or even weeks – to reach 90 for their Clan.

Clan search takes Clan Activity progress for the last 7 days into account when displaying the list of suggested Clans to new players.


Note: Activity Progress is updated every 15 minutes. If you complete an Activity task and check the Members list to see how many Stars you have earned that day, there’s a good chance you won’t see an accurate number straight away.

Clan Rankings

Every Clan in Teleria is ranked. This indicates their relative strength compared to every other Clan.


A Clan’s Position in the Rankings is determined by Clan Power and the number of Clan Points earned.

  • Clan Points are earned through completing Clan Achievements.
  • Clan Power is the sum total Power of all Clan Members.

Creating a Clan

Players of Level 13 or above can create Clans. Creating a Clan costs 250 Gems.


When creating a Clan, players are able to set whether the Clan is Invite-Only or not.

Invite-Only clans require approval from either the Clan Leader or one of the Deputies to join. To join, players must either:

  • Accept an Invitation from the Clan (sent by either the Clan Leader or the Deputies)
  • Send an Application (which must be approved by either the Clan Leader or the Deputies)

Players are also able to include a description of the Clan, its goals, and its desires from potential Members, as well as a Message that all Clan Members are able to view upon joining. This Message can be changed at any point to help strategize with potential Clan Members.


Players must also define the Clan Name and Clan Tag, along with a Primary Language spoken by the Clan.

Clan Names and Clan Tags can be changed at a cost of 100 Gems.

Clan Promotion

The more active a Clan is, the higher up it will be shown in the search results. A Clan's position in the list of search results depends on:

  • Clan Leader's last date of activity.
  • The number of Clan Activity Stars per player.
  • Whether a Clan is being Promoted.

Clan Leaders can Promote their Clans to boost visibility and help recruit new players.

If a Clan Leader promotes a Clan, this Clan will appear higher up in the search results.

A Clan can only be promoted once a week, for 48 hours. To be promoted, Clans must be at least 7 days old and have 5 or more Members.


Clan Roles

Clans can have up to 30 Members. There are 3 Roles that each Clan Member can be assigned:

  • Leader
  • Deputy (up to 3 per Clan)
  • Soldier

Only the Clan Leader can change the Roles within a Clan. Clan Leaders manage other Clan Members and their Roles, as well as change Clan settings.

Clan Leaders can also set the minimum required Total Player Power in their Clan settings, so only players of a certain strength will be able to join or apply.

Clan Deputies can send Invitations to recruit new Members, as well as accept or reject applications from other Players to join the Clan.

Soldiers can fight on behalf of the Clan and contribute to all Clan rewards, but are unable to change or manage the Clan or its Members.



Clan Offers

Everyone in a Clan - except for Clan Leaders - can manage their own applications and invitations in Clan Offers window.

If you've already found your perfect Clan and don't want to receive any more invites to other Clans, simply block all incoming invitations.


Changing Clan Leader

There can only be one Clan Leader at any time. However, Clan Leaders are able to delegate their Role and assign a new Clan Leader.

If a new Clan Leader is assigned, the new Roles are changed immediately – with the previous Clan Leader automatically becoming a Deputy.

However, if a Clan Leader does not log into the game for 21 days, they will be automatically demoted to Deputy, and the highest Level active Deputy will be assigned as Clan Leader. A player is only considered active if they have logged into the game within the last 14 days. If there are multiple active Deputies of the same Level, the player who joined the Clan first will become Clan Leader.

If no Clan Deputies have been active in the past 14 days, one of the Soldiers will become Clan Leader, with the same deciding criteria as with Deputies – first by Level, then by Clan join date if all else is equal.

If no Clan Members fit the criteria, the next Clan Member to log into the game will be assigned Clan Leader – whenever that may be.

Leaving a Clan

Players can willingly leave their Clan at any time.

Players can also be removed from the Clan by either the Clan Leader or a Deputy. (Except for Deputies, who can only be removed by the Clan Leader.)

If a player is removed from a Clan, they cannot rejoin that same Clan without an invitation and approval from Clan management. They can still apply to join an Invite-Only Clan, but it is up to the Leader and Deputies of that Clan to accept their application.

Note: Leaving or being removed from a Clan will reset your Clan XP Earned counter. The Clan will not lose any Clan XP.

Clan Closure

Clan Leaders cannot close down Clans that have more than 1 Member. If a Clan has another player in it, the Clan Leader must assign a new Leader before they are able to leave.

If a Clan only has 1 Member – the Clan Leader – the Clan is able to be closed. Once that decision has been made, a 72-hour timer will start, after which the Clan will be permanently deleted. The Clan Leader will remain in the Clan until it is deleted. 

30 янв. 2022, 23:3030.01.22

i am a new member just started today and wanted to know how do i find another player on this game and ife we can play together on this game?  When i downloaded the game i choose solo instead of online what is the difference?

30 янв. 2022, 23:3130.01.22

How do i change the picture that is displayed on the side of this comment box?  

31 янв. 2022, 03:4131.01.22

i am a new member just started today and wanted to know how do i find another player on this game and ife we can play together on this game?  When i downloaded the game i choose solo instead of online what is the difference?

There is not a game mode for Raid, you can join the same clan to talk to your friends in clan chat, or you can both go to the same global channel. 

2 май 2022, 07:0902.05.22

How do I earn these XP points? Because I only see the leader earning points, and I don't earn anything, although I also do the daily tasks. Could anyone let me know? 


22 нояб. 2022, 08:0222.11.22

How do I earn these XP points? Because I only see the leader earning points, and I don't earn anything, although I also do the daily tasks. Could anyone let me know? 


Still need an answer to this.