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Basic Guide: Great Hall

Basic Guide: Great Hall

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 09:4411.08.21

Basic Guide: Great Hall

Great Hall


The Great Hall unlocks at Level 6.

The Great Hall contains various trees of Bonuses tied to specific Stats for each Affinity. Once unlocked, these Bonuses provide global Stat boosts to all Champions belonging to that Affinity. Global boosts apply in every battle your Champions take part in – not just a specific game mode or area.

To unlock Bonuses, you need to earn Medals in the Arena.

How It Works

Within the Great Hall you will find multiple rows and columns. The rows indicate which Stat that Bonus will affect, while the columns indicate the Affinity.

Upgrading any Bonus will provide a Stat Bonus to all Champions belonging to that Affinity.

The sum of all the Bonus upgrades you complete makes up the Great Hall Development Level.



In the Great Hall, you can unlock bonuses for the following 6 Stats:

  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • C. DMG
  • ACC

All Bonuses apply to the Champions’ Base Stats.

There are multiple Levels of each Bonus – from 0 to 10 – where 0 is inactive, and 10 is fully upgraded. A Bonus’ current upgrade Level determines the magnitude of the Bonus it provides.

For example: If you upgrade the Void HP Bonus to Level 1, all Void Champions in your Collection will immediately receive a 2% boost to their MAX HP. Upgrade that Bonus to Level 10 and they’ll receive a 20% Bonus.



All Bonuses start at Level 0, and require Medals to be upgraded.

Medals are won by winning Battles in the Arena. Each Tier in the Arena gives different types of Medals as rewards:

  • Bronze Arena Tier: Bronze Medals
  • Silver Arena Tier: Silver Medals
  • Gold and Platinum Arena Tiers: Gold Medals

The cost of each Bonus upgrade increases by Level, and higher Level Bonuses can only be upgraded with certain Medals.

  • Level 1–3 Bonuses can be upgraded with Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medals
  • Level 4–6 Bonuses can only be upgraded with Silver or Gold Medals
  • Level 7–10 bonuses can only be upgraded with Gold Medals

You can use more than one type of Medals to upgrade a Bonus – for example, you can partly pay in Silver and partly in Bronze.

The conversion rate for each Medal type is as follows:

  • 1 Gold Medal = 2 Silver Medals
  • 1 Gold Medal = 4 Bronze Medals
  • 1 Silver Medal = 2 Bronze Medals