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Basic Guide: Champion Fragments

Basic Guide: Champion Fragments

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 09:3011.08.21

Basic Guide: Champion Fragments


Champion Fragments allow you to summon specific Champions once you've collected enough Fragments.

Each Champion has their own set of Fragments that are only used to summon that Champion. For example, Foli's fragments can only be used to summon Foli, and can't be used to summon Dracomorph or any other Champion.


Using Champion Fragments

To summon a Champion using Champion Fragments, head to the Fragment Summon tab at the Portal.

You need to collect a specified number of Fragments to be able to summon a Champion. Right now, each Champion needs 100 Fragments - but you can always collect more if you want more than one of those Champions.

Once you've collected enough Fragments to summon a Champion, all you have to do is hit Summon. Summoning Champions using their Champion Fragments is free.

Champion Fragments can't be sold, swapped, transformed, or transferred to another Champion.

Getting Champion Fragments

Right now, you can get Champion Fragments in multiple ways - such as rewards from Events and Tournaments, or from Special Offers at the Shop.

To see where to get Champion Fragments for a specific Champion, just tap the Info icon in the Fragment Summon window. You'll see a helpful popup listing all the available ways to get Fragments for that Champion.