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Guide: Battle Pass

Guide: Battle Pass

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
11 авг. 2021, 09:2111.08.21

Guide: Battle Pass


Battle Passes give you a special series of Challenges to earn Battle Pass Points and win amazing and unique Rewards.


Battle Pass Seasons

Battle Passes are divided up into Seasons, which are set periods of time in which the Challenges and Rewards are available. 

Only while a Season is live players are able to complete the Challenges and win the Rewards on offer.

Battle Pass Rewards


As you complete Battle Pass Challenges, you’ll earn Battle Pass Points and increase your Battle Pass Level.

You’ll win unique sets of Rewards - including Battle Pass Avatars, Champions, and other items - for levelling up your Battle Pass and reaching new Levels. 

There are two different sets of Rewards available depending on your type of Battle Pass - Core or Gold.

Core vs Gold Battle Pass


There are two types of Battle Passes: Core and Gold.

The Core Battle Pass is available to all players automatically. With the Core Battle Pass, you can earn Battle Pass Points by taking part in Daily Challenges - and you can win Core Battle Pass Rewards. You cannot get Rewards for Weekly Challenges or claim Gold Battle Pass Rewards.

The Gold Battle Pass allows you to do everything the Core Pass does, but also allows you to complete Weekly Challenges and win the awesome Gold Battle Pass Rewards. On top of that, it also gives you a special Season-long Raid Boost that gives you extra Silver and XP from all Battles.

Note: You can only buy the Gold Pass once per Season.

Daily Challenges


Daily Challenges are open to everybody. You get 4 new Challenges every day, which reset at 00:00 UTC and are replaced by new ones - regardless of whether you completed them or not.

Complete Daily Challenges to earn Battle Pass Points and win Core Pass Rewards.

Weekly Challenges


Get the Gold Pass to unlock Weekly Challenges. 

Weekly Challenges give you the chance to earn even more Battle Pass Points and win even better Rewards - including a special one for completing each Week's Challenges.

Remember - you can only collect Weekly Challenge Rewards if you have the Gold Pass!

New Weekly Challenges unlock every week, and you can still complete any previous week’s Challenges while the Season is live. All Weekly Challenges can be completed in any order once available. 

15 май 2022, 04:5115.05.22

Stuck on 'Ascend 1 Champion from each Faction' on Week 3.  I've gotten to 7/14 and it will not go any further. I've been doing one ascend at a time from each faction but it quit working when I got to 7. Any Suggestions?