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(Patch Notes) (07.04.2020) Update 1.14

(Patch Notes) (07.04.2020) Update 1.14

7 апр. 2020, 11:0207.04.20

(Patch Notes) (07.04.2020) Update 1.14

Hey, Raiders!

Update 1.14 is now live, and we have a range of cool QoL (quality of life) improvements, some long-awaited buffs, and a number of other changes and bugfixes for you! Check out the patch notes below for the details:

Quality of Life

Artifact Filter

A new system of filters is now available in the Inventory Menu. Tap the Filter button to open the Artifact Manage and select one or more of the following filters to sort your Artifacts:

  • Type 
  • Primary Stat 
  • Substat 

  • New (only displays Artifacts that haven’t been previewed yet)
  • Equipped (displays Artifacts equipped by your Champions)

You can remove the filter by tapping on it again. Note that if there are no Artifacts in your inventory that fit the chosen settings, the results will come up empty.

This should make search for specific combinations of Artifact Type and Stats a lot easier! If you have further suggestions to improve this feature, we always welcome your feedback.

Champion Collection Capacity Increase

To accommodate the ever-growing number of Champions, we are going to further increase the overall capacity a single player can have. To do that, we are doubling the number of slots in the Champion Collection - from 100 to 200. You can unlock additional slots at any point for Gems or Silver through the ‘Champions’ menu!

Clan Boss Counter

Clan Boss Battles now feature a counter that displays the Demon Lord’s turn - to make it easier for players to plan their strategy - and the damage that your Champions have dealt to the Demon Lord thus far.



Faction Wars 

All Crypts will have difficulty decreased starting from Stage 8, ensuring that more players, especially f2p players, are able to tackle this challenge and secure additional prizes and Glyphs.

Speaking of Glyphs! We are doing some improvements to the drop rates of those as well. Your chances of getting a Rank 2 Glyph from Crypt Stages 10 to 12 have been decreased in favour of Rank 3 and 4 Glyphs, while Crypt Stages 13 and 14 no longer have Rank 2 Glyphs whatsoever.

Platinum Tier: Battle Limits (Same Opponent)

As of this update, players in the Platinum Tier will face some limitations when fighting the same opponent. After 10 battles - victories and defeats both - a cooldown is introduced, preventing the player from attacking the same opponent for 15 minutes. This cooldown is not affected by refreshing the Arena List and will remain in effect until it runs out. The list of opponents affected by this clears out once every 24 hours.

This change is implemented to limit the farming of weaker opponents and even the playing field between Platinum Tier players.

Clan Boss (Revive changes)

Starting from turn 50, the Demon Lord will apply a Block Revive debuff to all Champions he kills - this is a continuation of the changes we made to the Clan Boss Battles in Update 1.13 to ensure a greater variance of Clan Boss team compositions as opposed to having one or two necessary ‘builds’.

Leech and Veil\Perfect Veil

Leech now heals the attacker by 18% (up from 10%).

Champions under Veil and Perfect Veil additionally reduce incoming damage from AoE Skills by 7,5% and 15% (respectively).

We hope that these changes will help further increase the value of numerous Champions. For example, Champions like Ma’Shalled is even more valuable to the healing output of [Leech] almost increasing - on top of his other buffs! At the same time, Duchess Lilitu had undergone some changes to ensure the passive AoE damage reduction does not get out of hand, but thanks to [Veil] and [Perfect Veil] changes she will still remain a viable Champion.

Fear changes

Like other crowd control debuffs, Fear is no longer subject to Increase Debuff Duration or Spread Debuffs effects. This applies to the Master Hexer and Sniper Masteries as well, they no longer increase the chances of applying Fear or True Fear debuffs.

The following Masteries will now affect or include Fear or True Fear:

  • Opportunist
  • Mighty Endurance
  • Wisdom of Battle
  • Harvest Despair
  • Deterrence
  • Fearsome Presence
  • Merciful Aid


  • Fusion menu now displays Champions who are required for a specific Fusion but are locked away in the Champion Vault, making it easier to see whether or not you have the required components
  • Another batch of Passive Skills received visuals and animation
  • Inbox UI has been changed


  • Relentless Set no longer provides an Extra Turn if the Champion has already received an extra turn by other means (Their own Skills or the skills of their allies).

    To clarify, Champions can still get multiple turns via the Relentless Set. However, where before the engine calculated both extra turns from Skill usage and Relentless proccing at the same time, 'saving' those turns to be used immediately after the first one, now it only calculates the extra turn from the Relentless Set or the Champion's Skill at a single given instance. Once that extra turn has been obtained, the engine no longer attempts to calculate additional extra turns.

    But if the Champion gets an extra turn from their Relentless Set and then uses their Skill for another extra turn, it will work exactly as intended and vice versa. 
  • Fixed a bug that previously prevented the duration of Poison effects on the Clan Boss from being increased via Champion Skills
  • Other minor bugs fixed

7 апр. 2020, 11:2307.04.20
7 апр. 2020, 11:2907.04.20
Nice, I am excited to log back! :)
7 апр. 2020, 11:5407.04.20
Would be cool if in the next update Plarium will fix PC crashes while playing through Plarium Play...
7 апр. 2020, 12:0907.04.20
Thanks for the extra space I can't afford to buy. 
7 апр. 2020, 12:1007.04.20

Good Morning.

I tried to update from three different devices, on three different networks (ADSL, two cellular operators). 

The download from the playstore does not start. I am in Italy.

7 апр. 2020, 12:1607.04.20
BTW you've broken Lilitu's first spell :) It's no longer give a sheld for an ally only for herself 
7 апр. 2020, 12:2207.04.20
OH WOW! I do agree relentless was extremely broken. It needed a nerf  My robar took 20 turns in a row once. I just hope we can get a free gear removal day or Some free silver. I have 6 legends in relentless. A ton of epics as well. Its needed and I know its a tough decision uou guys had to make in the long run it was right and fair. Thank you guys and good job on the patch the new legendary looks insane.
7 апр. 2020, 12:2307.04.20

Richtoff the Useless really 5 turn cooldown to attack one enemy lol

 4 turn cooldown for poison AOE lol

Pathetic really.

7 апр. 2020, 12:3507.04.20

So, what's with OCCULT BRAWLER in the latest update? What cooldawn did they fix?? There was no cooldawn...

Also, what was the bug with CB and poison durations?? I can't even understand that sentence...

7 апр. 2020, 12:4107.04.20
re: Artefact filter - the filter itself is good and great feature BUT would be much more useful with possibility of sorting by chosen primary stats or substats...
7 апр. 2020, 12:4707.04.20
Dear Plarium can you be professional for once and give free masteries reset for those champions affected by your balance changes (fear and true fear)?
7 апр. 2020, 12:5507.04.20
It all sounds nice. But for some reason the game will not launch, so I stare at "PENDING" thinking NICE!!! UPDATE. 
7 апр. 2020, 13:0707.04.20

Very nice patch indeed, sure there is more to be solved and there should be more to come

Question - regarding the fear/true fear mastery changes - do we get free masteries reset? since some of the masteries no longer help fear... I would like to change the build... without paying so much gems...

7 апр. 2020, 13:2607.04.20

"Now that's how you're supposed to patch! From now on that's how you patch!" - Mike Lowrey

7 апр. 2020, 13:2707.04.20

You can..

Keeker said:

re: Artefact filter - the filter itself is good and great feature BUT would be much more useful with possibility of sorting by chosen primary stats or substats...

7 апр. 2020, 13:2807.04.20
Upvote if the Relentless nerf was unessisary trash.
7 апр. 2020, 13:4407.04.20
Does this affect vizier with the poison duration?
7 апр. 2020, 14:0507.04.20
Lol 1m silver for 10 more slots... please, put the crack pipe down when you're at work.😂😂
7 апр. 2020, 14:0907.04.20
7 апр. 2020, 14:42(отредактировано)

Relentless set nerf is called a bugfix??? And why you didn't mention anything weeks ago?

I am sorry but I invested everything in my Longbeard and my Rotos, all the books, and it less effective than standard meta but still it was my only options.

I have not spend a cent in legendary tomes and now I am out of them to try another setup.
Revert it immediately and find another way to change things like that. Don't force people into quitting.
Revert it immediately and act like that never happen, for god shake.

In this post: (https://plarium.com/forum/en/raid-shadow-legends/674_game-discussion/190594_balancing-rotos-without-touching-the-champion/)
1 month ago, I told you that if you plan to nerf Rotos, nerf him in arena. Nerf his passive or something, his combo with Siphi.
DO NOT NERF his usability in other areas. He was a solid, but not op legendary in everything that isn't the arena. Make relentless as it was or increase his usability to match how he was yesterday.
People will be 'forced' to leave. Stop these bad decisions
(Or just give me back the tomes and the resources I spend for him and his combo - Longbeard, which means 14 leg tomes, 3 5-star chicken and sepulcher sentinel and many more)

Search in google: In which champions to use relentless. It is used very rarely, and everyone will tell you 'use it on champions that can grant extra turns'. THIS WAS NOT A BUGFIX, the whole relentless usage was build around this and still, it didn't rule the current meta.
The person who took that decision doesn't do a good job, he does the exact opposite of what he should do.

7 апр. 2020, 14:4107.04.20

Thank you very much for finally releasing the long awaited artifact filter. It's beautiful and was very much needed. The champion storage increase... It feels like Christmas around here!

You won me over with this patch. I hope to see new content in the near future. If not, keep releasing patches with good quality of life to enjoy the game more. Might I also suggest, another battle pass? Battle pass, this patch and your last artifact and champion storage increases are the silver linings in this dark cloud of follies in Raid. Great job plarium team! Don't drop that ball, you got this!