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(Patch Notes) (25.11.2019) Update 1.12

(Patch Notes) (25.11.2019) Update 1.12

25 нояб. 2019, 13:2925.11.19

I got 3 words for you plarium.

 saint seiya awakening

25 нояб. 2019, 13:3025.11.19

JimmyandJack said:

and also again no love for Ma'Shalled? looking at his skill-kit makes me sad.

Ma'shalled is an uncommon champion in disguise. Plarium gave him legendary status to fool the newbies thinking that they actually pulled something good, when they pull him
25 нояб. 2019, 13:3725.11.19

  • A number of Champions and Bosses had their AI improved
Please post more info about this specific topic. I found out that Rhazin now uses his A3 on clan boss on auto which never did before - Anything else that is "fixed" or not fixed we should be aware of?
25 нояб. 2019, 14:0025.11.19

Nice to see some of the player concerns have been looked at. Nightmare campaign is cool, and looking forward to seeing if Faction Wars is doable now.

My main issue is with the balancing of the legendaries. I hope you're watching this space closely, and aren't against making further adjustments some time soon (like how Mountain King eventually became ok after more than one rebalance). Some legendaries just need re-doing. I have played around with Sethallia quite a lot, so I'll talk about her.

Sethallia is still worse than apothecary pretty much everywhere in the game apart from trying to 2 star campaign. She has such a cool model, it's just a shame she can't be used after you pull the rare elf. She just lacks a role in the game, and I believe every legendary should be viable somewhere. HP burn, single target heal and buff, and a weak 3 target leech just don't fit anywhere.

If her A1 would have a chance to debuff spread specifically HP burn if the target already had an HP burn on, she could have some use in spider.

Her A2 would need to do a hell of a lot to be relevant. I actually like the idea of super-buffing one champion, it's pretty unique, but it would have to do all the new buffs to really make an impact.

Her A3.. i just think it needs replacing with something else. If it hit all enemies and debuff them all, it might have some use in spider I guess.

Overall, thanks for the update, just please look at rebalancing the legendaries more often. League of Legends makes changes every week for example. Even if we just did 1 champ a week, it would give a real sense of excitement each new week, with everyone holding on to see if their vault guardian is gonna get some love.

Anyway, still enjoying the game. Peace

25 нояб. 2019, 15:0325.11.19
Perhaps you should subscribe to a pay to play game where you can make demands based on the fact that you have to pay rather than that you're demanding awesome performance for free.
25 нояб. 2019, 15:3725.11.19
Not commenting on other "changes" - you actually made AI worse. Why make rhazin worse?
25 нояб. 2019, 16:2325.11.19

Sethallia is still a joke....thanks for that.  Also, NM campaign, I don't mind the 16 energy, but then it should drop 4-6 star gear.

25 нояб. 2019, 17:3125.11.19

So many issues withe the Game after 1.12!Campaign crash! Mino crash! Dungeons crash!

No information from Plarium about the issues! I think you only have the dollars in your eyes... Books for Cash? Mino rolls for cash? What's next?Win every Tournament for cash? A fully equipped and fully built Legy for Cash? 

Is Cash all you interested in? 

You nerfed Reinbeast? For what?!? Rahzin nerfed?Why? So the fusion is not worth it. 

Plarium the way you go at the moment will cost you Players and will cost you the Game. 

It's your Choice... Keep Raid alive and turn back from the money way or let it die... 

25 нояб. 2019, 20:4425.11.19

Lazy and Greedy. For a patch, you hyped up there is very little and the biggest beneficiaries of this patch are the whales.

 Also, you have violated advertising laws in at least AUS and the EU with deals showing "sale" with the packs never being sold at that price.

25 нояб. 2019, 22:1425.11.19

Absolute legendary fail here guys, show's that the community managers don't really give a shit what the players really want, or alternatively have very little influence in the discussions.

What happened to the list of accepted player suggestions Marius, understand the thread was closed but it was made clear these were accepted player changes.  Why haven't any of these been slotted into the game, was over 12 months ago you yourself suggested they were accepted.  Ooops, close the thread, and we will lead them down an obscure path and sweep that crap under the carpet....

Where are the sorely missed skill books, hmm, yeah ok I see them in the store for an unreasonable cost to the player.  I see the only people that will have access to these are the whales, who for some reason seem to think it is reasonable to pay an extraordinary amount of money for a virtual item that you need far too many of to make your champions actually competitive.

I see only about 5% of your playing community who have responded on this thread are actually happy with only a few of the changes.  

On a positive note, your Black Friday pack is actually almost at a reasonable cost.

You will need to pull something good to appease this shit fight.

25 нояб. 2019, 22:3025.11.19

With the talk I saw from mods about what we would be seeing in the patch, I assumed that at least 3 parts of the roadmap were going to be in this update. Instead we get an update with stuff that was supposed to be in the game since June and are expected to be ecstatic about it?

Another part of this "Major" update was the multiple ai buffs, two of which I know were mentioned were Harvest Jack and Crypt King Graal, who used their moves that required a debuff on the enemy before the move that places the debuff. And since the patch has gone live, Havest Jack still uses his 2nd skill before his aoe fear placing move, and Crypt King Graal still uses his hp burn extender before his hp burn, so which ai exactly was "Improved"?

It's also always a great sign of something when all of the players immediately complain about things so obvious nobody in their right mind would have allowed them into the game and the forum mods are too afraid of being yelled at by the players for the developers problems.
25 нояб. 2019, 23:2925.11.19

What have you done with Sethalia? She is still MUCH worse than even Apothecary. This is so weak legendary. Maybe you accidentally put her in Legends but in reality she is uncommon? This will explain why she have so weak skills.

One more think it's Ma Shaled. He is vault keeper even after his rebalance. 

What about Shamrock? 

Guys, why you do nothing about legendaries? Please, do something with them
25 нояб. 2019, 23:4225.11.19
The game is constantly crashing - the small "token" of Plarium's incompetence isn't close to making up for the amount of energy/etc lost.
25 нояб. 2019, 23:5025.11.19

Just a question. Is there a reason it won't load onto my PC? It says it's "downloading" but it keeps getting hung up on that last little bit and I've tried restarting, restarting my computer and just plain waiting for it. I can play it on my tablet, but not my PC. 

Why is that? 
26 нояб. 2019, 00:0526.11.19

Nothing new

everything is same and retarded platinum arena for just 300 ppl that is a JOKE when u have around 1k whales so plarium make arena to get more money nothing strange

Nightmare camp soooooo stupid 16energy for what? low silver !!! yea exp is good but let we see who will go 12-3 and lvl up 3x2 star champ--9 the deadlands u have 4 valk in one moment so u need to go with full tanky team so u can do something ,idk why this company even making attack champs when for end game u just need tank with heal so fucking stupid

Now in new patch to reset full masteri is 300 gems was 150 so that is nerf idk why?

IDK what they think with battle pass maybe we have that BUT what is with Void Tower-Tag Team Arena-New Faction-New Clan Boss and Artifact Crafting as we can see nothing of the things mentioned we don't have in this patch,end of year is in 35 days so when this will be added???

I don't know for all champs but ai on Septimus still doing just a2 on CB.Rhazin now doing a3 on CB-Juli broken a2 dont work(no crt buff anymore)-Robar never using a3...

When you look at everything in total they just spit in our faces...whatever we were saying we needed, they neglected and put in whatever they wanted and that is more stuff with more money

i have never seen a larger predator company than yours,when people see that you screwed them up with a new patch i rly hope they will stop to buy anything from u...

I have nothing more to say, after 8 months of playing this is a big disappointment for me!!!

26 нояб. 2019, 00:0926.11.19

Suggestion for improving ai performance. Give the player the option to put priorities on which abilities to use before battle and the option to disable an ability to run on auto. 

For example if I could disable rhazins a3 ability for CB and warlords a3 for CB it would make auto more consistent damage. 

For arena I would also prioritize certain abilities to use first, such as warlord using his a3 first. 

This would be a great quality of life improvement for the community and I’m sure others would appreciate this. Thanks 

26 нояб. 2019, 00:4026.11.19

happy days...haven't played in 3 months come back to the same garbage..100% error rate on new campaign noice!!! still no buff for lady chumpfort..very underwhelming indeed 

I'm glad I voted for a different game this just needs to be flushed already 
26 нояб. 2019, 00:5026.11.19
Also, quick addition to what I said before, Compensation for this better be enormous because all the compensation "goodies" you gave earlier before fixing the patch have been lost due to the constant unfixed crashes. I have 3 starred the entirety of nightmare campaign except 12-7, and every time I get close to doing so, the game boots me back to the bastion saying "Oops, sorry. We took your energy. Would you like to send a report." and when I click yes nothing happens, so either it's automatically doing it and I have no idea if it's being sent, or it isn't being sent and the reports are a lie. So many players have lost the small amount of faith they had left in Plarium with this patch, so please, for the LOVE OF GOD, fix this and give us appropriate compensation, which at this point seems like a free day xp boost and a 24 hour unimited energy. We the players get forced to pay far too often for Plariums F*** ups, and GOD D*** IT, I'M FED UP!
26 нояб. 2019, 03:2926.11.19
26 нояб. 2019, 03:30(отредактировано)
Rhazin is now using his a3 on clan Boss which is pretty nad...
26 нояб. 2019, 03:4726.11.19
Sadly the game has instabil i lost more than 2 clan boss keys and a bunch of energy from my accounts that pretty sad