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Treasure Islands are too easy to attack

Treasure Islands are too easy to attack

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27 апр. 2016, 16:1327.04.16

Treasure Islands are too easy to attack

Something simple, like getting rid of the menu option to see which islands are occupied, would be enough to keep the bottom feeders from sending attack after attack so easily.  Make them have to scroll through the whole list to find an occupied island.  Get rid of the mission to attack treasure islands for ridiculous rewards.  Also, make attackers have to scout first and give those new players that really need the resources to actually see what happens when a barge returns.
Alyona KolomiitsevaCommunity Manager
28 апр. 2016, 08:5728.04.16
We will not remove this option. It was designed for people who want to fight others on Treasure Islands. But it still requires scouting to know how many Units are holding it.
28 апр. 2016, 13:3028.04.16

Basically saying that the treasures were changed to give the game more of a combat side,

before we were giving the resources freely for holding it with just one unit, now you have to defend to have this resource

The viewing of the source is better for you and those whom hold the treasure, 

scouting is always better for you...

15 май 2016, 04:4515.05.16
15 май 2016, 17:30(отредактировано)

To give HUGE rewards for taking out one bonnie seems to make attacking far more rewarding than foraging.

I send one buccaneer and one bonnie to an island  Often they are pounced on by forces that would frighten the Spanish Armada being escorted by the U.S. Navy,

These captains tell me, they get frigates and all manner of goodies for this daily attack

The only reward for "farming" is to make an arrangement with an attacking captain to be there to be taken and have some resources change hands.

UPDATE 15 may I have been approached by a captain to Attack him on a "set up" island so I can get MY frigates.   

Hardly inspiring game play

Keep yer stick on the ice

acting 2nd in command of the blank file Mongaux