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The Crowbar's Nest  (Ye official RANT thread)

The Crowbar's Nest (Ye official RANT thread)

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25 нояб. 2020, 19:1625.11.20

The Crowbar's Nest (Ye official RANT thread)

  Tell us your RANT!!!

What's got ye blood pressure flushin' ye face huh?  Doesn't have to be game based.  Here is a place to vent it.

PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN... If ye got to spit a batch of monkey feathers all over someones face give us a laugh with it.  Anyone can make a normal cuss word.  Come up with some fartackin' originals that aren't too vulgar for the wee folk learning to read eh.

The Point of the thread is to vent ye steam and share a laugh.  No need for hate speech and callin' individuals out if ye feel me.

For example:

It irks my goatie that nunya bilgepumpin' ratstinks responded to me shanties thread.    Blarfatargin' riznil stompers!   It hurt me feelers ye know.

Shark sharts and penguin farts I wish I had unlimited rubies.  What's with those nimconpoots expectin' me to pay fer all this stuff all the time.  't aint easy keepin' up with the Davey Jones' ye know!  It boils me stewpot that me fireships land on an offensive stat instead of that dubloonin' Jugg's defensive one!

Blast bebothered I miss those goldfishin' barnicle buddies.  Why did it all have to go to  chamberpots and wipin' rots.  Dern plague infestations and bandit MASKS!   Havin' to wear this junk hides me beautiful tricolored whiskers!

K your turn do me Proud and hold ye RANT SCRAWLIN' on high atop of the Crowbars Nest  (heheh)

Hey someone has to sort galley scraps.  You volunteered mate.  Should it get out of hand I'll understand if it has too be shut down.  It will be fun while it lasted right?  Ye got to adimit it has a catchy title.  😋

25 дек. 2020, 18:4525.12.20

So when do we combine the 10 APP accounts to form one account according to Plarium rules  ???