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New Brotherhood Bastion Levels

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New Brotherhood Bastion Levels

Ahoy Captain,

I bring a fine piece of news: Brotherhood Bastions and Fields of Knowledge can now be upgraded to Level 30.

Remember, each Brotherhood Bastion upgrade Level:

- Grants you additional Influence Points
- Increases the Bonuses you are able to receive from your Fields of Knowledge

Your Brotherhood needs to fulfill several requirements to upgrade its Bastion, including holding the required position in the Brotherhood Rankings, and downgrading a Brotherhood Bastion of the required Level or higher.

New Milestone Levels have also been added. Alongside 5, the new Levels are 8, 12, 17, 20, 23, 26, and 30. Once a Brotherhood Bastion has been upgraded up to or beyond a Milestone Level, it cannot be downgraded below it.

Make the most of this knowledge, and conquer the high seas!

Captain "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley 

1 дек. 2022, 12:2901.12.22
17 дек. 2022, 17:0217.12.22
17 дек. 2022, 17:05(отредактировано)

Do we have a  full list of requirements to get to bastion level 30? without adequate info.. hard to make strategic plans in a strategic game without info. Game is hard enough without knowing the rules.

I know it takes 10 ps to get level 21 ---  15 ps & dg L-21B to get to level 22  -

- some one said we need 20ps and DG level 22 to upgrade to Safe L23B  

rumors are 25Ps without DG to get L-24B?

Please direct us where to see this info..  

or tell us Plarium is holding back this critical tidbits of info on purpose?

if we can't plan for future, there is not much future


17 дек. 2022, 21:4317.12.22

Plarium is holding back these critical tidbits of info on purpose. 😔

I asked for all the requirements (from 1 to 30) and they told me that they don't have them. I am sure that the devs have those (how could they not?), but I don't have a contact with them and I have no idea why are they not sharing this.

I got unofficial info from my BH leader, which says 5 more Presidios for each next level, as you suspected, plus downgrading a Bastion of one level below except when that is a protected level. So, to build Bastion 23, you need to downgrade someone's 22, but for 24 there is no such requirement because 23 cannot be downgraded.

This goes all the way to 30, but I cannot guarantee that it's correct because I don't know who gave that info to my leader nor how that person obtained it.

Finally, if that info is correct, you need to hold 55 level 5 Presidios and downgrade a level 29 Bastion to upgrade yours to level 30. That is, IMO, insane: 3 players per persidio if your BH is full is a ridiculous requirement. As a fellow player (so, not speaking as a moderator here), I think that we're not supposed to play it, but that the intention is that all the upgrades are quickly rubied up for some quick Plarium cash.