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Update News!

Update News!
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Ahoy there, Captains!

This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made the following important update:

- “Brotherhood Activity” tab in the Brotherhood Brawl window tweaked to allow you to search for players by name
- Alert in the “Train Units” window warning of insufficient Rum to maintain Units tweaked to include a checkbox so it can now be disabled
- Smuggler's Den tweaked to include a scroll bar to allow you to make multiple Resource and Item purchases at the same time
- “Resources” tab of the Smuggler's Den improved to include a tooltip showing your maximum Resource capacity when hovering over Resource icons
- Inbox tweaked so that messages in the “Important” subtab of the “Scrawls” tab show a player’s Brotherhood Flag and the coordinates of their Haven
- Fixed the “Find a Brotherhood” tab in the Brethren Court so it now allows you to join a Brotherhood when clicking the “Join now” button

Arrh, that's enough chatter for now, Captains - get yerselves on deck and unfurl the main, I can hear cannons in the distance!

Piratically yours!
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O'Malley

11 нояб. 2021, 12:5711.11.21