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Battle Pass and Level Finisher Gifting

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Battle Pass and Level Finisher Gifting

Battle Pass and Level Finisher Gifting
Take On the Season Together!

Ahoy Captain,

The winds are picking up these days, and it's more important than ever to know that your Friends and Brethren have got your back. The Court's been hashing it out for weeks now, but they've finally found an accord: you can now gift your fellow Captains Premium Battle Passes and Level Finishers!

Anyone who receives a Premium Battle Pass as a gift gets all the Bonuses and Rewards it offers for free. Once you reach Level 60, you can send those gifts yourself. You must be a fully-fledged Brotherhood Member of any Brotherhood, but you can gift Premium Battle Passes to any Brotherhood Member or Friend.

Level Finishers. Once you reach Level 15 and check out the Battle Pass, you can immediately start sending out Level Finisher gifts to your Friends or Brotherhood Members.

You can send each Brotherhood Member or Friend two Level Finisher gift packs every Battle Pass season. A gift pack can contain 10 or 30 Level Finishers. There's no limit to the number of gift packs you can receive, but you cannot send requests.

Now show those Spanish dogs your strength and unity. Fight together, and send your allies the respect they deserve. Give well, and give often!

Piratically yers,
Captain Anne "Bonnie" O'Malley

4 фев. 2021, 14:2204.02.21